Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Shirley!

I met my mother-in-law over 37 years ago in Fayetteville when I was a Senior in college. She was a lovely woman and had led a very interesting life. She has lived and traveled all over the world and was always a stay-at-home Mom for her children. She is a wonderful cook and she sewed alot. My husband said they rarely got a new sofa; their Mom just recovered the old one many times! That takes talent! She also painted pictures. In one of her spare bedrooms now she has portraits of four of her oldest grandchildren that she painted.
When our son came along, they were living in Iran but came home right after he was born. She has always been a wonderful "Grandma" to my children. They would keep the kids some in the summer and she would take them to movies, ice-skating, to the mall and entertain them for days! They will never forget those times, especially when they did the "Martin News" on video!
Now the grandchildren are all pretty much grown up and she has several great grandchildren!
She has been a gracious woman to me all these years and I love her very much! Tomorrow is her 85th birthday!Happy Birthday Shirley!! Where has the time gone??


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday grandma! Cute pictures of her and us! :-)

Jessica said...

Yes! You have a great eye; my mom does have an old sewing machine for a side table. She loves antinques and has really done a great job of mixing the old with the new!

Karen said...

This is a sweet post for a lady who is obviously very special to you. Not everyone can boast of having a special mother-in-law--you are blessed!

I came here to let you know I am very humbled by the comment you left on my post. Someone I don't even know and have never "met" until now has been concerned for me these past few weeks. Thank you for letting me know that. God is so good in the way He works, even through blogs and the Internet. I always enjoy being connected to other pastor's wives, and I look forward to being blessed and learning from your experience as I keep up with your blog in the future.

Thank you for letting God hug me through you today! Many blessings to you!