Sunday, April 20, 2008

On Missions Celebration

Our church is involved this week in a missions conference. At our home we are hosting this lovely couple, Jerry and Barbara,who were missionaries in Zimbabwe for twenty something years and then to Central Asia for four years. They are wearing the typical clothing of Central Asia. Today they are working in Arkadelphia at OBU to minister to missionary kids as they go to college. Can you imagine the culture shock to kids who grow up in places like Africa and then come to college in the U.S.?
This is another man who is staying with us this week. His name is Steve and he is a professor teaching New Testament and Greek in the seminary in Mexico. He also lived for eight years in Nicaragua where he was a professor of religion at the San Marcos campus of the University of Mobile. We were so happy to have him so we could talk about our favorite mission site of Nicaragua!
We had a missions fair yesterday at our church and all the missionaries had booths with lots of pictures and things from the country where they serve.
This couple is serving in Russia.
We had a dinner at our church last night for the missionaries and host families and any church members who were interested. This is a table of some of our church members who came to visit with the missionaries! We have meetings everyday and night till Thursday. I know we will learn a lot about what God is doing all over the world this week!


Leigh Ann said...

I was always amazed at OBU at the MK's. That had to be a shock for them! I think that is awesome that that one couple is ministering to the MK's at OBU. I admire all those that obey God's call and go to the ends of the earth to spread the good news.

Kelly said...

I hope you have fun with the missionaries. Tell the first couple that your daughter loves OBU! :-)

mer said...

Guess what? I know Jerry and Barbara! Barbara is from my hometown, and their daughter, KK, was in my youth group and went to OBU with me. In fact, they retired to Arkadelphia while we were still living there, and they used to keep my daughter in the nursery at MOPS! If you see them again this week, please tell them I said hello!!

Enjoy your week!

Julie said...

I had some catching up to do when I checked your blog this evening!!! You've been busy!! I loved trying to find Bambi. Bryan found it in no time.

Have a great week with the missionaries. I can't wait to ready about it later.

I had the great blessing of meeting your wonderful daughter and her husband this weekend!!! Bryan and I were thrilled to meet them.

Caroline said...

OOOOOOOOO i love this!!!! My church does the same thing and it is so fun and exciting to hear their stories!!!!!!