Sunday, June 8, 2008

Old Pictures Returned!

Thanks to my sweet friend, Jamie, for sending me a few of the older pictures from my files that I had lost in the BIG crash! This is Jamie and her husband, Lane with their two adorable children, Rhett and Alexee on vacation this past month. They are a delightful family!
This is one of the pictures she sent me that I had made around Christmas 2007 at church when both of my kids were home. From left to right is Tracy (Jamie's cousin), Jamie, our son Chris and our daughter Kelly.

I am so happy to get this picture back! I WILL BE SAVING THIS in a safe place!

Thanks Jamie for your kindness!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I'm so glad you're getting some of your old pictures back! I am planning on backing all mine up today... I'm about a year behind... and it's been a very important year!

The Garners said...

I wish I had more to send you for replacements! If you think of some from other times, just let me know--I'll be happy to e-mail them!

Kelly said...

I bet I may have a few replacements for you. Maybe I'll put them on a disk for you.

Leigh Ann said...

I LOVE Jamie. She is so sweet!

MiMi said...

So thankful that you are getting some of your pictures back. I hope that many more replacements come in to help rebuild what was lost!