Sunday, October 26, 2008


Jamie over at The Garner Family tagged me to go to my picture folders to the sixth folder and find the sixth picture and blog about the picture and when it was taken.
When I found the picture I just had to include the other two that went with it!
In fact, Jamie is in the last picture: the third one in the second row. Her younger sister, Micaela, is standing in front of her (the white blouse with black skirt and bow tie)!
Kelly, from Kelly's Korner, the third one from the right in the bright blue skirt! And her brother, Chris is in the middle picture with the hat on! Weren't they cute...little boys in knickers, suspenders and bowties??
I think the year was 1987, although I'm not sure. Our church choirs presented a Christmas musical, "An Old-Fashioned Christmas". So everyone dressed old-fashioned. It was alot of fun and now everyone is grown and some have children as old as they were in these pictures!
So Jamie, be careful what you tag me for!!!
Anyone who wants to be tagged, you are "IT" !


Jacquie said...

I KNEW you'd be a good one for Jamie to tag!! You're the picture woman.

I already called Andrea and told her she HAD to check your blog out today. I'm lovin' Bryan's shoes.

Those pictures are so funny... and I can recognized almost everyone.

The Garners said...

Yikes--I should have thought before tagging you! :) ha! No, those were really fun--I remember the "Old Fashioned Christmas"! Lots of future bloggers in those photos!

Kelly said...

Did you have to drag out those pictures and did you have to point me out????

Soldier in Training said...

Mom has pictures from this day too. I can't help but worry--the only people with more pictures than mom is you and Kelly, and I never know where they might turn up! Great to see you today!

Jennifer said...

Oh wow! That picture is classic! If you have a slow blogging week sometime you should pull out more of those!

Sharmin said...

I remember that, I was still in Flippin at that time!