Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Five years ago today was a beautiful fall day here in the Ozarks. I remember it well! We had spent months planning a wedding for Kelly and Scott. I had helped with many weddings in the past but it pales in comparison with your own children's weddings!

The wedding ceremony was officiated by her father and it was very special. He ask both sets of parents to participate. We knew that the young man our daughter was about to pledge her love and life to was a very special young man. After all, he was the one we had been praying about for years! God would not have sent JUST anyone.....He sent Scott! Kelly loves him with all her heart and we love him too!

Happy 5th Anniversary, Scott and Kelly! You are a blessing to all of us!


Jacquie said...

AWWW how sweet! They're a blessing to us, too. I look forward to Kelly sharing their lives every day. Of course, "Harper updates" on Mondays are my favorites!

The Garners said...

Happy Anniversary to this sweet couple!

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary to Kelly. It is nice to see how close you all are.
Thanks for the nice comment about my son's artwork. :)

Kelly said...

That was really sweet! Thanks for making my wedding so special - you pretty much did everything - I just showed up. And I thought it was perfect! I will always remember that day for the rest of my life.
Just think - in 20 (or 30) years - I'll be planning Harper's wedding!

MiMi said...

You're right, it's much different planning your own children's weddings --especially your daughter's. You and I both were blessed with wonderful son-in-laws for our girls! God definitely answered our prayers!

Happy Anniversary, Scott and Kelly!

Leigh Ann said...

Such a beautiful couple! I can't wait to see Harper. You know she will be gorgeous with parents like these (and grandparents, too)!

Melissa said...

Look at how sweet they are! God is soo good!

Harris Family said...

They are so cute!