Friday, April 17, 2009

Interesting Week

I am just now getting my Easter weeks pictures posted.  We have had an interesting week!

We have had a guest pastor from India at our house all week.  He is here in America for his second trip.  My husband knows him from his trips to India to teach native pastors seminary training.  The Indian pastor and his wife have a son and a daughter and 15 boys who are homeless who live in their home.  It is amazing!  He brought us a music video the boys made and it was wonderful!

We had many discussions of the differences between the life of an average person in India vs. the life we lead here in America.  You know we live in great excess to say the least!  But I did like the sound of arranged marriages!!   It might cut down on divorce in our country!

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday at church.  Of course, we had a large crowd of people and always those who come because it is Easter.  I have to be truthful and say I never quite understand those people.  But we had a lady who came forward and gave her heart and life to Jesus and I just thank the Lord for hearing my prayer that someone would come.  We also had a husband and wife baptized together which was very special!  

After church Sunday morning we had several to come to our house for lunch.  It was my sister's birthday, so the cake above doubled as an Easter cake and a birthday cake!!

Sunday evening we saw a short video of the work Pastor Job does in India and then he preached a wonderful sermon.  I love to hear his accent!  We were blessed!

One of my favorite things of Easter is seeing little children in their Easter finery!  This is a picture of a precious little girl in our church.  She just talks up a storm and sings like a angel.  She calls hubby "Pastor" and he and I are both delighted with her!  She was showing off her darling little dress!  Doesn't she look adorable??
Yesterday we had to go over to Fayetteville to take Pastor Job to meet the next family that he will spend the next few days with before traveling to Florida.   Since that is in the neighborhood of our grandbaby......guess where we dropped by before we left for home??
Harper loves to "talk" to her mama.  She is so cute when she is "cooing"!

She and Kelly had spent the morning at a play group so we could tell she was getting sleepy but was fighting it!
So off we all go for a walk since it was a beautiful day.

Hubs and Dawson were reunited and were re-living their endless walks in the country....except this time he had to wear a leash.  He's not in the country anymore!  And there are no more deers to chase!

Mission accomplished!  Harper went sound to sleep and Grandpa and Nonny came home!


Kelley said...

What a neat guy Job is! To take in so many of those boys, is amazing. Harper is a little doll. She has the cutest smile. Your Easter cake looks so good. What a neat way to decorate it! Have a wonderful weekend.

Chris said...

What a cute Easter cake, looks yummy! You are such wonderful grandparents to such an adorable grandbaby :).

Jenna said...

So neat about your visiting pastor from India! That is awesome!

Love the pictures of your pretty daughter and darling granddaughter. I know BOTH must have been so excited to see ya'll! Have a great weekend!!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Thanks for sharing about your Easter. I'm with you, what is up with these people that only come to church at Easter and Christmas? I can't imagine my life without church. Pastor Job is amazing taking in 15 young men into their home. How blessed those boys are. My youngest daughter has a heart for missions and wants to go to India some day. Harper looks adorable, as always. I know you enjoyed spending time with her and also getting to see Kelly and Dawson. Isn't it wonderful having a granddaughter? Have a nice weekend. I thought your cake was so cute. I am going to make a note of that for next year. Love & blessings from NC!

Lauren Kelly said...

Hey sweet, Judy!!! loved the pics and so glad you enjoyde your time with precious Harper :O)

Jacquie said...

You've sure had a busy week. Loved your Easter cake... bet it taste EVEN BETTER than it looks.

Harper is growing SO fast!!

Holly said...

Wow, that pastor sounds like an amazing man!

Harper is adorable! I read Kelly's blog every day and love looking at all the cute photos! They make me smile a lot! :)

Leigh Ann said...

I love everything about this post! How awesome to have Pastor Job in your home.

I also LOVE to see all the little ones dressed up for Easter!

I always love to read about your visits with Harper. That picture with her little grin is priceless. I know you are enjoying her SO much! I saw where you ALL are going to see them this next weekend. HOW FUN!

Richard said...

Visit that GRANDdaughter every chance you get! They sure grow up fast, evidenced by the picture of MY granddaughter you posted, (the little angel in the Easter dress).
What joy they bring into our lives! God bless you and pastor! We are SO grateful to God for your love for Him and His people.

MiMi said...

I loved reading about your Easter. How exciting that you had a lady come forward and give her heart to Jesus!

What an adorable birthday/Easter cake, too! Hope your sister had a wonderful birthday.

I love the pictures of Miss Harper! I know her and her mama must have been so glad to see you. Oh, and I can't forget Dawson! So glad he had a reunion with his granddaddy -- even if it was on a leash!

Hope you have a great week!

Kristen said...

Just found your blog and wanted to say hi. It is amazing that the pastor has 15 boys live with him! How amazing is that.

Your grandchild is adorable!!

Julie said...

I'm so excited a person was saved on Easter Sunday!!!

I'm so glad you get to see Harper so often!! She loves her grandparents!!! I loved seeing these pictures!

writing4612 said...

Such a cute cake!

I love learning about other countries too!