Saturday, January 16, 2010

What a Difference a Year Makes!

On this day last year things were quite different than today.

At this very time I was pleading with the Lord to save this sweet baby's life.

And, as you know, those prayers were answered!  So today, one year later we had a little celebration!!

Not only because Harper turned one but to thank the Lord who heard our cries and gave us the chance to  love and cherish this precious baby!   No, I am not one bit prejudice......but isn't she the sweetest baby??

I have to say something about this darling bear.  There is a talented lady in Georgia named Donna.  We don't know her personally.  She doesn't have a blog but she is the sweetest lady to Harper.  She has sent her many things that she has handmade.  The Razorback cheerleader was one of her cutest creations.

Not only is she creative, talented and generous, but she has written all of us many times this year, always lovingly encouraging our whole family about Harper.  Donna, I don't know you but I must tell you how I have appreciated the love you have poured out to our family.  Not just gifts (but they have been so neat) but the words of encouragement that have come from your heart.  I thank you and I pray God will bless you with His greatest love, joy and peace.

Look at the little number  "1" on the top of the bear's hat!

 I wanted to show you a close-up of Donna's other creation. Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen??   A knitted cupcake with a candle on top!   Donna, I hope you are selling these in Georgia......they are darling!!

I'm sure you have already been on Kelly's blog to see all the party details.  I have none to add but I did want to show a picture of Harper with her little Keyboard we got her.  She loves music and she immediately started playing it with great interest!   I do want her to be able to play the piano( much better than her Nonny does however) if she is interested at all.

Kelly got both sets of grandparents a book she made on-line of Harper's first year.  It went from first sonogram to this past Christmas!!!   She said she didn't have time to scrapbook and this would have to do!

We loved every page and it will certainly be our favorite "coffee table " book!  

We had a great celebration today!  Now I can hardly wait to see what this new year brings!!
Happy 1st  Birthday Harper!  You are greatly loved!


Kathy said...

I am so happy for you and your family. I followed the story of Harper before she was born and what a sweet little girl she turned out to be. Happy 1st Birthday Harper!!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

I have followed Kelly since right before Harper was born. It's been such a testament to your families faith. God is soo good.

Melissa Stover said...

those photo books are great gifts! i'm so glad ya'll had a celebration day. what a gift!

Lauren said...

Harper is so precious! I'm sure you will enjoy that book. Where did she order it from?

Patty said...

Harper is one lucky little girl! She has a family who loves her sooo much! She is just adorable! Can't wait to see how she changes this year! You have a beautiful family!

Patty from TX

Kathy said...

Loved your post. The book was a wonderful idea. Can't wait to see it.

Kelley said...

She is a sweet girl! What a nice celebration for her first year!

Nina said...

You are so blessed! I love the book!

Becky said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful celebration!

Julie said...

I love making books online too. Who has time to scrapbook? Besides they come out beautifully!

Nancy said...

Kelly is so creative! The party pictures looked precious & I know Harper had a great time.
I bet you & your husband had so much fun watching her at her party!!
God Bless your sweet family!

Donna said...

Oh, Ms. Judy, I'm bawling! Thank you so much for the kind words and the appreciation of my needlework. I have so enjoyed making things for Harper this past year. I love making things for babies, they don't complain about fit or color!HA. Harper has certainly grabbed my heart and I can't wait to see what is in store for her and her family for the coming year. I wish I was close enough for you and I to have lunch. (We are of an age). I know we would be friends. I can't imagine how proud you are of Kelly. Boy, you did good! She is truly a treasure for all of us in blog-land. Sometimes she has us on the knees of our hearts, other times laughing so hard. You are very blessed with your family. Again, thank you for the kind words. I needed them.
Keeping you in my heart in Ga.

anm_2006 said...

She's a sweet little miracle. I have been keeping up with little Harper a whole year now. We serve an amazing God!

Lauren Kelly said...

This post warmed my heart!!!

And I have to tell you, that video on Kelly’s blog of Harper’s arrival was absolutely beautiful and I could so see the heart of a grandmother’s love through those tears of yours!!

"Dove" said...

God is so good! Harper is blessed with a doting Nonny. What a gift that precious baby is!

I often wonder how God has used Harper to touch the hearts of many in blogland. Kelly's blog is such a "rage" and she is faithful to give Him glory for Harper's healing and milestones. I just don't think it is an accident that God continues to bring so much traffic to the blog. I know there are trials that go along with that, but it amazes me to think how many people continue to see the hand of God every time they look at her pictures and read about her life.

She truly is an instrument of joy!

Allisyn said...

I have followed Kelly's blog since right before the time that Harper was born. It is one of the blogs that I check daily.. Kelly is such a sweet spirit. Can you tell me what program kelly used to make her photobook. Thanks

In His Army said...

Praise God for answering prayer and for a year of blessings with your sweet granddaughter! Love you guys.

run26.2mom said...

Beautiful celebration for one adorable child. God continues to amaze us as prayers are heard and answered! Thank you for sharing your faithfulness on a blog. It speaks to many including myself.

I giggled at the keyboard gift... My mom and dad bought my oldest daughter a keyboard to use on cross country car trips to their house. That was 6 years ago and the silly thing continues to work despite all the "rock" concerts it has been through and the best part... it randomly goes off in the middle of the night even when switched off waking the entire household even the dog from a deep sleep. LOL.