Monday, November 8, 2010

The Week-End Jaunt

This week-end I drove over to baby-sit my favorite grandbaby (for the time-being) while her Mama was part of a fund-raiser for a charity in NW Arkansas on Saturday night.  Her Papa didin't get to accompany me because he was on his own trip to speak to the houseparents/staff at the Arkansas Baptist Childrens Home at their annual retreat.

Kelly and I took Miss Harper to lunch and she is feeding herself quite well, thank you very much!
She is a determined little girl and she finished this bowl of macaroni and cheese with no problem.

She did keep looking at the man in the table across from us over and over and saying, "Papa"??
Considering this Papa was sitting with a nice looking blond better NOT be HER papa!!

I told Kelly how when she was Harper's age she called almost every man she saw "Da Da" and sometimes that got embarrassing!

In fact, while we are on the subject of Harper feeding herself, this is what she did when I fed her supper!
She used the little spoon AND the little fork to feed herself!

Nothing like eating with both hands!
(I think that's how I gained 10 lbs in my 30's when we lived in New Orleans...the food was SO good!)

Harper and I had a grand time together!  I got up real early Sunday morning and drove home to be in my own church for services and I am so glad I did.  We had a new couple who came to our young adults Sunday school class and had three people join our church Sunday morning!  I was so glad to be at home to be a part of this joyous time!

I do love to hear Harper call my name and see her eyes light up when I come in the door!  In a material world that we live in, some things are just priceless!  THAT is one of the priceless joys of life!


Lauren said...

Aw, so fun!! Cute pics :)

Kimberly said...

I love the last picture! such a special relationship you have with her. She is a doll.

Nancy said...

You are such a good Grandmother!

Becky said...

Looks like you are enjoying life to the fullest!!

Daisy said...

Harper is absolutely the most precious thing!!! maddie also calls everyone dada and even mama =) its always cute in the beginning haha

Melanie said...

How sweet! You have such a beautiful blog!