Monday, July 25, 2011

Updates and Joyous Week-end

I am learning about house ownership and even though you feel you are still in"sort of a new" (going on 7 yrs) house, there is a need for constant updating!

We finally got our deck painted (for the third time). I think it needs it about every other year even when you use good paint.  The sun/rain/snow/ice don't help things much!

So here are some before pictures and an after shot of the deck!  And of course, my sweet Hubby, who does 99.9% of all the work!  I bring out the cold water for him to drink!

The black marks are from us spraying our old patio tables before we painted the deck!

Somebody might have gotten his feelings hurt when he wasn't allowed on the wet deck for a day!

My back kitchen door was badly scratched/dirty from two dogs who constantly want in and out!

So off with the door, painted and looks like brand new!

Now I need to teach the dogs how to knock!!

So here's a partial picture of our finished deck with newly painted tables and chairs.

I needed 12 new cushions for my patio chairs.  The old ones are in good condition but just faded.
As I begin to price new cushions, I was seeing most were at least $25 and up and I needed 12!!!

So I found beach towels that would match my umbrellas and just wrapped them up like a gift around the cushions and pinned them underneath.  Now if they get dirty, I just take them off and throw them in the washer and they are as good as new........with much less cost!

Bobber got his doggie box painted to match the deck, a new quilt and a new doormat for his front entry!!

I had gotten some new pictures to add to our bonus/TV room over the garage and we finally got those hung too!  Just all kinds of projects getting done this past two weeks!!

When I was cleaning out the garage a few weeks ago, I found our house plans we had ordered probably 15 years ago.   I was looking for a picture to hang in the bonus room so I decided to have our house plan picture framed.  I thought it would be uniquely ours!

And then I found this which sums up exactly how we feel about living in the "country"!!

I also added a new picture near our little round table.  You can't tell by this picture but the picture is of an  old bridge and trees.

I also changed the decorations on our TV console Hubby made a couple of years ago.
I think I took off all the Razorback decor and added "girlie decor" as he likes to say!!

Yesterday at church we had such a wonderful, glorious service.  Our worship leader and our worship team are the BEST!    We started off with an upbeat version of "Revive Us Again" and went right into
"Heaven Came Down" and people even stood and clapped by the time we got to "Days of Elijah"!!

We had a powerful sermon from the book of James and then at last night's service, a young man came forward and gave his life to Christ!  Can't get any better than that !!

After church yesterday morning, one of my favorite young adults, Jamie, was here visiting her parents.
She ask me to go to her car with her because she had something for me!

My friend, Richella at will love this!  We share a love for the plate/napkin sets!

This store called Inviting Company in Little Rock has a yearly warehouse sale and because Jamie knows I adore any kind of stationary, paper napkins, etc. , she bought me a sack full!  How sweet and thoughtful was that???   Of course, if you knew Jamie, you know this is no surprise!!

Thanks, Jamie, you KNOW I love it!!

So it was a glorious week-end and even thought it was very hot .......we had a cool time!!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

I love the new grey color! And what a great idea using towels..I must remember this one. We had a great sermon yesterday as well. It always gives me goosebumps when I hear of someone giving their life to the Lord. Ya'll did have a great Sunday! Cute lil sign too :)

Pastor Steve said...

I didn't mind doing all the work on the outside of the house - painting the deck, power washing the house, redoing the flower beds. But turning my Razorback decor man-cave into a a theme room for the Lifetime TV channel was a low blow. Nevertheless - I still love you Nonny!

Carol said...

Your deck looks like a relaxing retreat! What I great idea to cover the cushions with towels!


Jeanie said...

You have a beautiful house and are so lucky that your husband is able to do so much of the needed work. When you teach your dogs to knock, please let me know. My back door is a mess from my three dogs. :)

Nancy said...

So glad you had a wonderful weekend!
All of your newness at your house looks great! Your deck is wonderful! We cookout a lot & it would be fabulous to have such a large space!!

elainaann said...

That Paper Sale @ Inviting Company....I LOVE IT!!!!!

And if you teach your dogs to knock, let me know how you did it. HA!

Somethings Gotta Give said...

Oh........I just love those worship songs!! What a powerful way to welcome the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Have a blessed week!!

The Garners said...

It was great to see you yesterday. The service was SO good!

Your deck looks really nice. That is one of the things on our (long) to-do list around here--redo the deck. It needs new boards and all though, so we're dreading it! I'm inspired by your pictures. :) That's cute that Bobber's house got painted to match. Our back door is so scratched up from Bogart wanting outside!

Melanie Keffer said...

Relating!! We have lived in our house 7.5 years and though it still has a new feel somewhat, there are several redo projects for us also. As we do them, I am hoping to add a few new touches!

Yep . . .Home ownership. Nothing like it! :)

Melanie Keffer

Linda said...

What a lovely huge deck! Hubby made it look so nice!

Your house is so nice. I like how you framed your house plans. That was a great idea.

And what a good idea to cover the chairs with towels that matched your umbrellas. So clever!

Hope pastor Steve doesn't miss his Razorback decor too much. But it was nice of him to leave a comment here declaring his love for you anyway! Ha!

Love, Linda

merlin said...

It is fairly easy to teach dogs to ring a bell to be let in and/or out. You can find them in a pet store or farm store, they look like a small old fashioned cowbell. Hang it where their nose can reach (might take more than one if the dogs are significantly different in size) and then show them the bell, make the bell ring and then treat them into ringing it and then reward them by opening the door. Dogs are smart, it won't take long for them to learn and your doors will be grateful, this has saved us many screen doors on our slider....after learning the hard way, that without a bell the dogs eventually make a hole in the screen. Our dog will use her paw or her nose to ring the bell...a bell is worth it.

Erin said...

The deck looks wonderful! I love your home it is so beautiful and it looks so cozy and inviting.

Tish said...

I love your blog and follow Kelly's as well.What adorable little girls. What a great idea to use beach towels for your cushions. Your house is so pretty;I can tell that you are quite a good decorator.My husband and I have been members of a small Southern Baptist church here in VA for almost 40 yrs. Our pastor is also a "Steve". Blessings to you.