Monday, August 15, 2011

First Visit and Class Reunion

A little over two years ago, this sign was hung out on our fence welcoming the first visit to our home of our first granddaughter!  We were just so excited to have her come to see her Nonny and Papa!

This week-end we had another "first" at our home.  Our second sweet granddaughter came for a visit!

She deserved the welcome mat (sign) out too!

Our daughter, Kelly, had her 20th class reunion this week-end.  I think they had a great time of reminiscing ( and laughing, I'm sure) about going to school in a small town in the late 80's and early 90's!

We moved to our town when Kelly was going into the seventh grade.  Since we wanted her to "fit in" and everyone in town was crazy about basketball, we talked her into trying out for the basketball team.

Big mistake!  She wasn't exactly a basketball player!

However, she made a great cheerleader!!

Today is the first day of school.  Early this morning when I went outside to see Hubs off to work, it was was a cool crisp 63 degrees and I felt a touch of fall in the air!

Made me almost miss teaching school myself.  But not for long!!

In honor of the first day of school, here's Kelly on her first day of school in the first grade when we lived in New Orleans!  Forgive me, Kelly, for those white shoes but I think this was BEFORE Labor Day so the fashion police weren't after me!!  ( and you might want to forgive me for that bowl haircut...but you were cute anyway!!)

The rest of my post is just random pictures of this week-end with my sweeties!  This is like putting pictures in a scrapbook so I will look back and remember when my sweet Hollis made her first visit to her grandparent's house; starting a lifetime habit of visiting the two people who love her as much as they love her Mama!

Skipper just wanted to sit on Hollis's blanket and lay beside her!

Harper went out to the see the deer who live in our yard!

Thanks, girls, for making another wonderful memory for us!
We love you very much!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Love the pictures! They remind me of my big hair days too. I have hair like Kelly and let's just say it was not hard to make a big statement..ha! So glad that you were able to enjoy those babies!

Maryellen said...

The girls are both so sweet. I love how Kelly dresses them like little girls. The clothes in the stores around here are like teenager clothes for babies. It really is disheartening.
So refreshing to see little girls look like little girls ;)

Kelly said...

Oh my basketball career!
We had a great time! Harper did NOT want to leave!!!

The Anglin Family said...

Your sweet grandbabies are lucky they have such great grandparents!:-) Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Have a great week!!

Nancy said...

PRECIOUS! My parents remind me of you & your hubby ~ wonderful grandparents!!
Those pictures are all so cute! I love the one's of Harper, you can tell she is so comfortable with you like she is with her parents!

elainaann said...

Love the pic of Harper laying on her Papa. Too cute!

Kimberley said...

oh pictures from the past, love them! :)

so glad you got to spend time with both your granddaughters!

Granny said...

How precious are your little granddaughters!!! Love your pics & making your scrapbook memories. Have a blessed week.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Nothing better than a grandparent weekend...and Kelly looks so cute....Happy week

Jo said...

What great memories! I adored the time I spent with my grandparents and I know Harper and Hollis will feel the same way! Grandparents put such a different perspective on things. I was so fortunate to have all mine until I was 18....and even at 55 now, I miss those days and remember the lessons and love they gave me!

Sara said...

Love all the pics! Looks like you had a great weekend!

Kelley said...

I loved looks at the pictures! Those are so cute! Your grand babies are beautiful! I know you had so much fun with them.

Linda said...

Kelly is so blessed to have such wonderful parents! And Harper and Hollis are greatly blessed too!

Loved all of the pictures. (Especially the one of Hollis' sweet little feet!

So glad they came for a visit! We were in Branson Thursday thru Sunday. Just catching up on some blogging tonight and had to comment about your sweet granddaughters!

Love, Linda

Melanie Keffer said...

Wow is the word that comes to mind. Tomorrow our oldest flys back to Virginia to finish her last year in law school. I have had the old video tapes out, remembering all those toddler years. I really enjoy reading Kelly's blog. Kelly recently talked about ideas for hairdos for a 2-year old and I was remembering the same dilema (sp?) and what I did. I was like Kelly in that my girls were always dressed like dolls. I guess all us mothers are like that.

I have been enjoying your blog because you remind me so much of my mother and dad when my kids were born. I am VERY much looking forward to our own grandchildren one day should God be so gracious to us.

Ahhhh . . . Thanks for sharing!

With a big smile,
Melanie Keffer

Donna said...

Great pictures today. Don't you jusr love grandbaby sugar!! I know you enjoyed Hollis' first visit to your home. This will be a great memory for her to look back on.
Keeping you in my heart in Ga.

Robin said...

So sweet! The greatest memories of my childhood were with my Nannie. Looks like Harper is really attached to her Papa. So precious!

Mimi in Texas said...

What beautiful babies you have! Loved seeing the pictures in this post.

KayKay said...

Those grandbabies are so cute!
I love your Lab, he reminds me of my childhood dog. I see he is missing patches of hair on his leg and tail. Is he okay?

Tara G. said...

I made a better ball player than cheerleader in jr. high! :) Would love a nice visit to the country right now!

In His Army said...

Thank you for posting a picture of Kelly in the basketball uniform!! I love it :) (Even if it wasn't her thing) haha The girls are both growing so fast--I know you were excited to have Hollis for the first time!

Anonymous said...