Sunday, October 23, 2011

Going Deer Hunting

Last year we put out six new trees in our front yard to line our driveway.  I was thrilled to see the maple trees turn beautiful colors of red this year for the first time!

We lost several trees in the Big Ice Storm of '09 (when Harper was born) and I was so proud to get some new trees to replace those we lost. 


Look at what our "deer" friends have done to our new trees!

I'm sure they are not aware that deer season just opened this week!  They might better watch out for the old lady sitting on her front porch with a loaded shotgun!!

On a much lighter note (as they say on the news after a tragic story), I have these trees with these red berries on them and I'm not sure what they are.  They are pretty but the red berries are all over the place!

I also had to get this little fellow off my new trees!!

I guess I should be happy that the deer, the dogs, the spiders and all other of our animals friends have not had a feast off my little pumpkin on my front steps!

In all things be thankful!!


Mallorie said...

I just LOVE your new trees! So beautiful! I just recently moved to Virginia from Texas and am getting to enjoy all of the beautiful leaves turning up here for the first time! I just love it! As for your little deer friends...they better watch out! hehe :-)

The Garners said...

Is the tree with red berries possibly a dogwood?? I never knew dogwood trees had red berries until I was home last and Mom or Dad said something about some that Alexee found.

I've always thought those garden spiders were so pretty (maybe I'm strange). I wish we'd find one here--Alexee would think it was neat! :)

Reading this post makes me miss life in the country even more. No deer in our yard here. :( We do have a raccoon that visits our front porch during the night sometimes...he leaves unpleasant "evidence" on the welcome mat--ha!

Beyond the Baby Book said...

I live in NC but aren't those trees with the red berries beautiful dogwood trees?

Sharmin said...

Looks like you have a buck marking his territory in your yard. Austin is always on the lookout for rubs....I'm sure he would love to help your problem (lol).

I have a little dogwood tree in the front that put out red berries, and the leaves look just like that one. Maybe that's the "seed" for a new dogwood tree?

Nancy said...

Beautiful pictures!! Happy Fall!
My hubby would LOVE to live on land like yours one day!

sl said...

I wanted to share a way to keep deer away. We have tried everything but this really works for us. drill a hole ina bar of soap and hang it from the tree. The deer do not like the smell. My neighbor did this for his peach and apple trees and it worked!

Candis Berge said...

So, I had pictured you as this sweet loving wife & grandmother.. but now my new picture is of a little old lady with a gun! Go figure!

Truth be told; once I found out the satisfaction of my bb gun taking out those bothersome squirrels on my bird feeders... well, here's to another sweet little old grandma with a gun...

Melissa said...

Love those red maples! Here in S. Alabama, it's so hot and dry that most of our other trees just turn brown and the leaves fall off. I do have about 3 of those maples, and they're my little pop of color every year. Good luck with the deer...that would drive me crazy!