Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Reward

I cross-stitched this when I was twenty-five years old for my parents.  They were about to become grandparents for the first time and I thought this little saying was apropos for the coming event. 

So now, forty years later, it hangs in my upstairs guest room that also houses my "baby things" (baby bed, rocker, little Tyke car, tricycle, toys, etc.).  It was one of the things I kept from my parents' house after they had both passed away.  

I am certainly finding out that the little, maybe trite, saying is certainly true.

I haven't blog lately but I did want to write a post about the fun week we had with our oldest granddaughter last week.

I had been trying to find a time to have her come and stay all summer.  But there was always something coming up to prevent it.  We have had a busy summer and her parents are busy also, so it just hadn't happened.

But I finally found a few days that we could all make connections and this girl was ours for a few fun days! 

 Four-and-a-half year-olds are the perfect age I have decided!  As a grandmother who is feeling the "where-did-my-energy-go?" part of life, this age child is not as hard to keep up with as a two or three year old!  (Although I did keep my one-year-old baby girl for a week in July and did fine!)

I would have loved to have Harper's little sister also but I have not ventured with two of them at one time.  Hollis is precious and I am planning on keeping her by herself soon.  I don't think you can get to know your grandchildren's personality unless you keep them yourself.  

So this little post is about our week.  It may be of non-interest to you but as I said before, I wanted to make a post to remember this special time with her at this marvelous special age!

Harper is a dog-lover.  She never fails to ask about our two dogs when we talk on the phone and she always remembers them when she prays! ( I love that! I don't even care that Nonny/Papa's names are called AFTER the dogs!)  

She spent so much of her time outside on the porch with our golden lab, Bobber.  She would just sit and "talk" to him.

She like to sit out on the porch in the rocker early in the morning and watch a movie. She DOES have a blanket.  It was in the 50's!  Such a mild summer we have had!

Yes, she has lipstick on while riding her horse!  Every time I turned around she was in my bathroom sampling my lipstick!  Oh me!

 She still had her PJ's on because it was early in the morning and she couldn't wait to get outside and ride!  Who am I to say "no"?  I love to get outside early in the morning in my PJ's too. (We do not have any close neighbors by the way!)

Papa and I were all set to go buy her a bike to have at our house but her Mom remembered to send hers!

These pictures of Harper with her Papa just warm my heart.  As soon as he got home from work everyday he was outside playing with her.

Country-girl-at-heart wanted to drive Papa's tractor which he was more than happy to let her!!  What next, Papa?  Let her drive your car??

We also did some more "cultured" things: we drew pictures, colored, water-colored and blew bubbles! (very creative)
We also went to the movies (3-D of course) to see "Planes" and ate Chinese.

I got so tickled at the Chinese restaurant after we ate.  The waitress brought us our bill and our fortune cookies.  Harper opened her little cookie and ask me what it said.  I told her it said "Harper is a wonderful sweet little girl."  She took that little bitty piece of paper and rolled it up and put it in her new Hello Kitty purse her Aunt Linda gave her and took it with her wherever she went!  I hope she never discovers that it said anything otherwise!

I feed the deer nearly everyday at our house.  I can "call" them and they come running out of the woods.  (You would too if you were hungry enough!) I was so hoping I could get them to come so Harper could help feed them.  They came.  We fed!

To top the week off with a big treat we spent Friday at Silver Dollar City, along with thousands of others I might add!  It was a cool day for sure and the week-end before school started around these parts, thus the masses.


Papa rode all the rides and I was the official photographer! 

The faster the better for these two!

Nonny did get one picture with her sweet girl on the train ride!

Time to go home!!  Harper, well, really, Nonny and Papa were pooped!

And she slept quite well on her Mama's "antique" Sesame Street sheets!

So the little saying"Grandchildren are God's Reward for Growing Old" seems to ring true.  Papa and I are blessed more than we deserve!

Sweet girl you are next!!


elainaann said...

Looks like a fun week full of memories. Harper is a little dare devil riding all those rides. :)

Donna said...

What a wonderful treat for you all. Harper's visit sounds like a blast. Four year olds are great. Loved that age in my boys Loved the picture of Harper with Bobber's head in her lap. Pure love.

Sallie said...

Precious!! What great grandparents......and riding all those rides !!

Kimberley said...

very impressive that you made that cross-stich at 25! I can barely thread a needle! and I love that you now get to cherish it!

my mom gets my boys and niece/nephew for a few days by themselves in the summer, too.

and I can't believe (actually I can) that you still have the sesame sheets! do you keep everything? :)

Mallorie said...

This post just warmed my heart! I love that y'all got to have such a fun week with that sweet girl! You did an awesome job documenting everything too! What a treasure for her!

The Garners said...

Oh my goodness what a fun time! I love all the pictures, but my favorite is of them in the FRONT SEAT of the roller coaster with arms in the air! :) Harper looks so much like Kelly to me in many of these pictures.

Deena said...

What a wonderful week! You got the best pictures! What sweet memories!

Love Being A Nonny said...

I love this Judy! And I know what a special time that was!! Harper stole all our hearts when she was born and I know she means the world to you! Much love, The OTHER Nonny!

Maryellen said...

What a wonderful time for both Harper and Grandparents.

She will treasure these memories for her entire life.

Being a doggie lover also those photos with the doggie's especially touch my heart. Do I see a Veterinarian in her future? ; )

pinepod said...

I love going outside in my PJ's too since no one is around to see me and my parents sometimes do it too. There is only one other older couple that lives on our road but they're way up on a hill!

We see deer every day in our backyard here. My niece's and nephew always liked watching them.


Faith said...

Oh, I love this so much! What wonderful memories y'all are making. Ones that will be so special to Harper for years to come. Y'all are the best!!!

Tracy said...

What a precious time you had. Love the pictures of Harper & her Papa on the rides. What a fun time!

Natasha said...

The weeks I got to spend by myself with my grandparents are some of the fondest memories of my childhood. It was so special to be there by myself. They had 21 grandchildren so I rarely got to be there alone.

Melanie Keffer said...

Judy, Judy . . .

This post brought tears to my eyes. "Papa and Nonny" are EXACTLY like "Papa and Granny!" (My parents!).

This reminded me so much of my mom and dad with their grandchildren . . . I giggled at the comments about enjoying them one at a time, the perfect age and so on. I heard my mom and dad say the very same thing. My kids were on up in age a little bit before they tackled all four at once. Papa and Granny always looked for excuses, I mean reasons (ha) that the kids needed to spend most of the summer at their house . . . How many times Daddy would get me on the phone and haggle with me over how long they could stay. :)

I always wanted my kids to be a blessing to my wonderful mom and dad, and they certainly were . . . My mom used to talk about how true what the Bible said about grandchildren was. Gosh, I can't believe how much of the same things grandparents do . . Right down to feeding deer and riding a bike in their pajamas . . . Daddy was just like you said . . . Bought bicycles for
his house because they didn't have one there and we couldn't bring hers. Kathleen even had a pink fishing pole with her name engraved on it so she could fish with Papa. . . :)).

Thank you sharing these wonderful memories! God is so good to us all, isn't He?

God bless you all!

Melanie Keffer
Olive Branch, MS

Krystal said...

I read this with tears in my eyes. I'm 25 and just lost my grandmother about 3 weeks ago. I so vividly remember my time with her, like you recently shared with Harper. What a precious blessing you are in her life. She will cherish these very memories the rest of her life. I'm still cherishing mine.

Lauren said...

SO fun!!!!! Just LOVE this!!!! XOXOXO :)

April said...

Judy...the memories you're making will last a lifetime! Your three granddaughters are beyond lucky to have grandparents that are so much fun and plugged in! You make me so excited to have grandkids one day!

~Bekah said...

what sweet memories you made w/ Harper! Shelby LOVES to go to her Mammy & PopPop's (Josh's parents). She always loves a "Play over" and adores it when she gets to have a sleep over with them. They are soo great with her and it's precious to see how she adores her grandparents as I adored mine growing up! They're such an essential part to a child's development, I feel. It's so great to see the love for grandparents as I had for mine. :)

Kelley said...

What a precious little girl! I know you had a blast with her. I agree, that is a fun age!

Emily said...

This was the sweetest post. It made me ar up actually! You remind me so much of my own mother. So glad you had that special time with H!

Cathy's World said...

I just loved this post. I take my 2 grandchildren once in a while too. One at a time. It is just so hard to do both. I love to give them that one on one time. Harper does look so much like Kelly in the pictures.

I loved my babies when they were little. But, there is something different about my grand babies. It is a whole new world.

Tara G. said...

What a blessing you are close to see each other often! Such special memories!

Sarah said...

You can believe she's gotten so big?!?! I love thinking about the special times I had with my grandparents when I was young.

Kathy said...

What a great week for the three of you. I'm trying to figure out who was more worn out after all those rides -- Harper or grandpa. :)

Pam said...

Thinking of you and hoping all is well. I always look forward to your postings. I imagine you are getting ready for your church's Christmas program. I have 5 grandchildren and consider them the best presents ever. Take care.