Friday, March 7, 2014

Awkward Family Photos

Kelly's Korner is having Awkward Family Photo Day and I thought that would be something that I could participate in since I have tons of VERY awkward family photos.

Kelly will probably look at these and wish she had thought of some other subject for today!!   Sorry!

In my eyes, the kids always looked cute.  I was always the awkward one!  I had spiral perms, huge glasses and weighed about 10 more pounds than I do now in most pictures.  Who in their right mind thought huge glasses were fashionable?

These pictures are self-explanatory.  Enjoy!   And let's see some of your old pictures!

Circa 1976

My personal favorite awkward family picture complete with mini-van in the background!!

Mama-ma and Pap-pa in the background. 

I found this and just had to include this.  Apparently Hubs found a black wig and put it on and son Chris was putting his underwear on his ears and Kelly was laughing hysterically.

Such was life in the Martin house!

Now it looks awkward but then it was just lots of fun!


King Amy said...

thanks for sharing!!
-amy from houston, from kelly's korner

The Garners said...

These are all GREAT!!!!!

Kimberley said...

oh I love this!!!!

Amy P. said...

Exactly. Who cares what we looked like then. Life was fun and memories were precious. I think too much emphasis is put in to fashion these days. But I'm positive that in 25 more eyes or so our modern look will still be awkward to the new generation coming up.

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

These pics definitely put a smile on my face. :) Thanks for sharing! I have tons of pics that would qualify as "awkward." Maybe I should dig some out and post them. :)

Linda said...

That was fun Judy! I enjoyed seeing the old family pictures!

Happy Saturday Kiddo!

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Melanie Keffer said...

Love seeing the old photos and figuring out who everyone looks like. Pictures are fun! When I showed the kids pictures of their kindergarten days, they shreeked because their hair was so perfectly parted and curled! Definitely not today's styles. They were dolls but couldn't beeeelieve I dressed them so "cute,"?!?!? What? :)

Kelly favors a young you and Harper definitely favors her in some of these pictures. Little Hollis is still a ringer for you at any age. These were sweet. I enjoyed looking.

Melanie Keffer
Olive Branch, MS