Saturday, July 30, 2011

Siloam, Siloam.......

Thursday we headed over to NW Arkansas to spend the evening with the kids from our church who were at camp and to help drive them home on Friday!

We first made a short stop (and this will surprise many of you, I'm sure) by to see the grandbabies since they live in the neighboring town.

Harper was at her MDO and we got to spend a little quality time with Miss Hollis, much to our delight!

We got to go with Kelly to pick up Harper and she was quite surprised to see us!  It was so sweet because she took us by the hand to show her teachers that her Nonny and Papa were here!

When we got home, she went right to her "kitchen" and begin to play-like she was making us some

She put her "special ears" in for us and she wore them for the hour we were there!  We were very pleased her time keeps increasing!

You can see her little "special ears".  The two faint lines down her cheek are  from her Nonny's lipstick!!

Kelly said she had been carrying around her little pink Bible (she has several different kinds) and "reading" it.  She did this while we were sweet!

We had a short but sweet visit!!

Here's our group of girls having fun at "children-only" camp this week!

They had a Viking theme this year!

Mike Seabaugh has been the children's camp pastor for many years.  He is absolutely the best!
Many children heard the good news of Jesus this week for the first time!
Love his preaching, his highly-choreographic Bible story skits and his "Bicycle" story!!

One of the highlights for me Thursday night was to get to see my friend, Julie Beavers!

She is beautiful young pastor's wife and bloggy and Twitter friend.  We also both blog for the Arkansas
Pastor's Wives  for our convention.

She and her children were there with their church!  I know she is a busy young mother, plus multiple jobs as a pastor's wife!  I didn't envy her when I thought of the mountains of laundry she was taking home from camp!!  (Brings back many memories)

It was so good to see you Julie!!

When we got home Friday afternoon, we went to have prayer with a lady in our church who is leaving today to go to MD Anderson in Houston to see if they can help her.

Later in the evening we went to visit another lady in our church who just lost her husband on Thursday.

By the time I got home last night, my ankles were swollen and I was so tired that I remember why going to camp was much easier when I was a few years younger!!!

Reminds me of Psalm 73:26 :   "My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the STRENGTH of my heart and my portion forever."


Rebekah said...

The pictures of Harper and Hollis are PRECIOUS! I know you loved time with them and I know they loved time with you!!! We always love the little visits from Cilla's grandparents!

Sisters said...

What a neat surprise to see my sweet sister on your post. So glad all had a wonderful week at Siloam...oh, the memories!

Anonymous said...

Lipstick kisses! I went to school with one every day as a youngster. I didn't care if I was teased.

Kelley said...

I can't wait for my daughters to go to camp! They will love it just as these children did!

Your pictures are wonderful of the grand babies!

Linda said...

Glad you got your Harper and Hollis time! We grandmas need that! (:>)

Those girls are just precious! I am so glad that Harper put her "special ears" in for you. Sweet that she likes to read her Bible. Oh...and that was cute that she took you by the hand to show her teacher you were there!

And it was cute that she went in her play kitchen to make you some cookies! I guess you and Kelly have taught her to be hospitable!

Hollis sure does smile cute. She is precious. (And getting so big!)

Well, I will close...but it was so good to catch up with you. Glad the campers got home safely and that they had a good time. So glad kids can hear the gospel at can change their lives forever!

Love to you,
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

The Garners said...

I always love Siloam pictures! As much as Rhett and Jaiden love VBS, they will probably want to sign up to go to Siloam when they're old enough!

Melanie Keffer said...

What a wonderful scripture verse and so true. I always enjoy your blog. Thanks so much for allowing strangers to participate.

Melanie Keffer

P. S. I loved the pictures of your grandchildren and my first thoughts were how grandkids smile for nobody else like they do their grandparents! Such a special relationship.

Nancy said...

What a sweet post!
Hope you have a good week next week!
Love that scripture!