Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Stork Beat Us

I had been planning a little Brunch/Baby Shower at my home for a young lady in our young adults' Sunday morning Bible Study.

We had one time conflict after another but  finally set the date about three weeks before the baby was expected.

Well, the Stork was on a different time-table and arrived the Saturday before our little get-together.

The mother had a C-section and did well! I figured she would not be able to come but we decided to go ahead with our plans and take her presents to her later.  But, she came and brought her darling new baby boy!

I just wanted to post this event so I would not forget the celebration of a precious new life and how much I love each of these young women who attend our class!  Each one of them is such a blessing to me.  They make me be excited for the future of our church knowing what wonderful Christian women they are!

And the star of the show........

.....Sweet Baby Bentley!


Jess :) said...

How sweet!! I'm sure it was even more fun to have Bentley there! Extra snuggles. :)

Kristen said...

I am a pastor's wife and we have had that happen before - the mom actually went into labor the morning of the baby shower! We had a fun brunch even though she wasn't with us. Love your blue and white decor. Blessed group of women!

Rachel Zimm said...

What an adorable little visitor you had--I love his dark hair!
Beautiful blue & white decor! Love those vases & stands underneath them!

Courtney said...

Almost the exact same thing happened to me recently. I was throwing a small shower for a friend and she had the baby the day before the shower was planned. We went ahead and had the shower and sent her the pictures.

Marie said...

We had my granddaughters shower at my home while she was in the hospital having my great grandson early, (he was fine ) , we took all the gifts to the hospital the next day and the family has a small party, This was 9 years ago and now she has told us that she is expecting a baby in January 2015,they live in Al. her husband is in the Marines and they are due to be transferred to Calif in August, Love all the blue you used and your grandchildren are so cute, hope you and the hubby are doing fine, we are doing good too, Marie (should have sent this as a email but oh well, )

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hi Mrs. Judy!
I heard about your wonderful news too. Oh BOY!!!! I know you must be so excited :)