Thursday, August 30, 2007

The BIG Day is near.....

When S & I met at the University of Arkansas a century ago, I knew this one thing about him right off the bat: He loves those Razorbacks!! I remember when we were seniors during basketball season that I was getting so excited about Valentine's Day coming. I had a special boyfriend and I could hardly wait to see what he was going to do SPECIAL for me on that sweet day that is made for girls to dream of and boys to dread! I made a collage ( a real 60's thing-to-do) for S with all the tickets stubs to movies we had gone to, little cut-out pictures of places we had been together, etc. You get the idea:sweet and just the right gift for your sweetie that says you cared enough to make the best and didn't just buy a card for the occasion! In my mind he would be calling me and taking me to a romantic dinner spot and maybe flowers, sweet notes, etc.

So he called alright.....we would be going to the basketball game 'cause that's what you do when you are crazy about the RAZORBACKS! Never mind that in those days, the basketball games were attended by about 25 people. There was no Walton Arena...just a fieldhouse....VERY low keyed!

Needless to say, I was hurt and terribly disappointed. Looking back, I was very immature(but always a romantic) and should not have given it a thought. If fact, it was a clue of what's to come for the rest of my life!

I have to say that now I really like going to the football games and the basketball games ! Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to be up in the stands with my sweetie on game day. Now it's a tradition! And guess what.....Saturday is the BIG DAY!! WOOOOOOOO Pig SOEEEEEEE! Go Hogs!

I probably could have found a more recent picture of S with an Arkansas shirt on but I love these old pictures when we were young! Those were the days my friends.......


Kelly said...

I am my father's daughter! :-)
That is quite a picture - I've never seen that one.

Harris Family said...

Mrs. Martin,
I am Kelly's friend, Rebekah, and I often stop by your blog. I am sure we have briefly met at some point, but I feel like I know you really well!

I love your story about getting to go to the Razorback basketball game on Valentine's Day! I am a definite Hog lover, too! But, sometimes I feel like I want my husband to give me attention and do things with me that are not related to sports and the Razorbacks! So, I guess what I am saying is that I understand where you were coming from!

Kelly comes by her love for the Razorbacks honest!!!

Hope you guys have fun this weekend! Go Hogs!

Rebekah Harris

Jessica said...

You taught in Prairie Grove?? No Way! : ) That is too neat. What grade?

jamie said...

Love the photo! Have fun on game day!

Erica Morris said...

Congrats!! I do want to tell you and Steve thanks for all you do for my Aunt Myrt and Uncle James. They both think a lot of you guys.
Thanks, Erica