Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was the most perfect day for football I think I've experienced in a long time. The weather was absolutely perfect! Warm enough to wear short sleeves, cool enough to feel a hint of fall in the air! You couldn't "stir 'em with a stick" in Fayetteville! People everywhere and mostly dressed in, you guessed it, RED!
We enjoyed seeing some of the people who have sat next to us at the ballgames for years. It is so funny to always see them once a year at ballgames but good to see a familiar face. One older couple we sitjust behind are very interesting. He is a retired teacher from Fayetteville and they travel around the world some doing missionary work, so we enjoy always seeing them.
I don't want to sound weird but I always have this neat experience everytime I am sitting "up in the noseblood" section of the stadium. I always feel close to God , praying to Him (not FOR the game, just DURING the game) for all the thousands of people who are there and do not know Him. The scripture always comes to mind, Romans 14:11 that says"One day every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord." I felt His presence yesterday so much to pray for the 73,500 people who were in the stands. I know God can hear me in spite of all the thunderous noise of that crowd and that make me feel VERY close to Him. What a Savior! What a perfect day!!


Kelly said...

It was a perfect day!

chickadee said...

my husband was there too. he goes to all the home games. loved your deer picture above because it looks a lot like what we see in our back yard all the time. so nice to "meet" you fellow arkansan and hog fan.