Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Almost a year ago we went to a fund-raiser in Little Rock for the Arkansas Baptist Children's Homes. They had an auction and we put a bid in for a Hawaiian vacation and we won! We offered it to our son as a wedding present but it had to be taken by this October and they are not gettting married until next July. SO, we decided to take it or lose it. All the money went to the Children's Home which we support! We stayed in the most beautiful place and had a very quiet time reading and going up in the mountains and looking at volcanoes . It is a marvelous place to visit but Arkansas is a beautiful place to come home to!


Kelly said...

You could have offered it to your daughter...........Ha!
It's so beautiful!

jamie said...

I'm laughing at Kelly's comment!!!

So beautiful--I thought those flowers looked like something from Hawaii, but you threw me with the "short vacation" comment...I was thinking like a 2-night weekend trip somewhere, and it took us SO long to get to Hawaii that I couldn't call it "short". It's hard to get there from AR...I think we were in transit a total of 22 hours! But it was worth it. It is an amazing place--I'm so glad you got to go!!!