Thursday, September 27, 2007

Itsy Bitsy Spider

I love to see spiders weave their webs. They are so industrious and work under extreme conditions often. They have weaved two elaborate webs on our back deck and I, for some unknown reason, can not bring myself to knock them down. I love to see the sun shine down on them and glisten. In fact, if the sun had not been shining down on one of them today, I wouldn't have even noticed it! Spiders in the house are a real nuisance especially the teeny tiny ones.
I love to watch the spiders working so hard but they also serve to remind me: I need to clean my house!!


Kelly said...

Maybe they will write a on Charlotte's Web!

jamie said...

I think webs are neat, too! We used to get so excited if a garden spider made a web in the flower bed--they're really pretty.