Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Where the deer and the antelope......no, just deer play

I could write a million reasons I love living out in the "country" but one of them is having deer in our yard nearly every day. I know for a lot of people they are a real nuisance but for some reason I never tire of watching them. To me ,they are one of God's most beautiful creatures! I love to see the does and their fawns following them about. They are graceful to say the least!

Of course, S and I have been feeding them since the dry weather has been so hard on them. The hard freeze we had at Easter nearly killed all the acorns and the deer are very lean this year. So we just can't stand to see them starve. They are actually getting pretty tame. They stand in the woods next to the house and watch S as he takes a bucket and pour out the corn on the ground. Then here they come! Funny thing, it never gets old watching them! Are we easily entertained or what????


Kelly said...

I don't want to live out in the country - but I sure love seeing those deer!

jamie said...

If you ever need some extra help putting out the deer corn, that is one of Rhett's favorite things to do (at Mom & Dad's). They are beautiful...I never get tired of seeing them at home. The fawns are really fun to see!