Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fun Night down on the farm

Last night we were invited to another pastor appreciation dinner given by the young adult class at our church. It was held down in the beautiful countryside of a sweet couple from that class. It was great driving out to see some of the countryside that I had no seen in many years.
What do you think these guys are peeking at? Cars coming down the road? New people driving up? NOOOOOOO! They are looking out back at a deer feeder at one of these:

A huge buck was grazing outback and you'd think the guys had never seen one before!! Har!

But , of course, I see deer in my yard everyday and feed them and I still went to the window and had a "peek" too!

Here is the group that put on the party and they are so sweet and we had soooo much fun! We had potatoe soup, beef stew, chili, four kinds of salad, cornbread, french bread, chips and cheese dip, a chocolate fountain with cream puffs, strawberries, etc. , peanut butter pie and cookies!

We also played games (girls vs boys) and the boys won....we think they cheated but who cares?

Here are the "old" folks that were there: S and me and Jack, our associate pastor and his wife, Sandy (they are new grandparents) ! Thank you , young adults, for just being so encouraging and loving to your pastors and wives! We appreciate you!


Kelly said...

That looks like a fun group! That was really nice of them to do. It gives me an idea for our SS class to do next year!