Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thank You

This month has been Pastor Appreciation month at our church. We have been so blessed with a loving church family for going on 23 years now! We have received many letters, cards and gifts in the past few weeks from so many different people. The loving words of encouragement have been a balm in sometimes a very tough role of a pastor (and wife). I grew up living across the street from our pastor and NEVER had a clue the trials they probably went through. I have learned through the years the burdens that you carry for so many people is sometimes very weary. Always wanting to do for all but sometimes a physical impossiblilty. But I also have learned this truth: God is faithful and true and you only have to please Him. You'll never please everyone else in this lifetime.

Tonight we had an Appreciation Dinner and we had a great turn-out and a wonderful time! It was absolutely the best dinner we've had in a long time! Thank you church family...we love you all and look forward to many more years of service to you and to the Lord! God is so good!


Kelly said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!!

Patriot said...

I am so thankful for the pastors who have taught me the word of God. God bless you for the lives you have and will touch!

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Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Ms. Judy.... I am not for sure if you have heard or not, but I am engaged. Yes, I am very excited! We would really like to ask Brother Steve to officiate our wedding and was wondering if you could give me your or his e-mail address.
- Amy Wallace

Jessica said...

How wonderful!! I know you and your husband are loved and appreciated! : )

Jessica said...

Oh my!!! I loved that website you sent me. I adored the chandelier chain covers. Did you see those? So sweet and soft. The baby stuff was simply divine. I love new sites! Yeah!!!