Monday, October 8, 2007


I have always loved magazines. Especially magazines about your home and cooking. But if you put ALL the magazines before me the first one I would pick up would be a home decorating magazine. For years I poured through magazines, tearing out pages and putting them in files for each room I wanted to decorate. So now that I have my house pretty much "done" I still can't bring myself to stop collecting ideas. I try to get ideas for new arrangements for the church flowers and I love to learn how to display food too. I love the new Paula Deen magazine. I feel it's a little expensive but I rationalize when I buy one that I don't drink Lattes or have my nails done like alot of women do, so I can at least spend $5 on a beautifully done magazine with recipes (that I might actually cook)!

However, I get so many magazines lately that I don't seem to get through one months issue till here comes another! I take my old magazines to a lady at the nursing home and she passes them on to her daughter.

So, how many magazines do you get and what is your favorite??


Kelly said...

I've always told people I get my love of magazines from my mom! I'm like you - I get so many and I just don't have much time anymore so I constantly have a stack to read. But I save them and pass them on to my friends.
Southern Living is my VERY favorite and I like Paula Deen's. I also love Redbook, House Beautiful, Good Housekeeping and Better Homes and Garden. I used to like fashion magazines but now my favorites are more home, food and decorating magazines.
I also get "Parenting" magazine (for future references). ;-)

chickadee said...

i don't take any magazines right now but i love southern living and usually get my mom's when she's through with it. i still love house books too. books that show a house plan and then pics of the interior finished home. i love dreaming up new house plans, though i'll probably never build again.

Lisa said...

I get Ladies Home Journal, Good Housekeeping, Rachael Ray, and I love the new Paula Deen as well. I like to pick up People every now and then depending on who is on the cover. I love magazines. My husband gripes, but I try to rationalize it as well. Thanks for the comment on my page!

Faith said...

I love my Taste of Home, Simple and Delicious and Today's Christian Woman. i used to get Parenting when my oldest was younger (she is now 14) and I used to get Marriage Partnership. My favorite is Today's Christian Woman. I love your blog! I found it from visiting another one and decided to check yours out! Oh, yeah, I also get Adirondack Explorer as we live very close to the mountains and I am a hiker fanatic!

jamie said...

I only get two now: Southern Living and Redbook, both Christmas gift subscriptions from my Mother-in-Law. I enjoy looking at all the pictures (I rarely read the articles though) and tearing out ideas and recipes. (I have file folders and notebooks of things/ideas--decorating, cooking, house plans, etc. that I've saved since I was a teenager!) I love Cooking Light, but I didn't renew it last year because I don't have time to read it, and the recipes are too "fancy" for me to try to cook with small kids around. L's mom saves her Better Homes & Gardens and Country Living for me, which I love looking at, too. When I'm in line at the store or getting my haircut I always look at People. I only buy it if I'm going on an airplane for some reason.