Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Boys

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the Ozarks! When S got home from the office he decided to burn some brush that he had cut months ago but never got time to burn due to dry conditions or too much wind.

We have three dogs: two Westies, Kramer and Buddy and a cocker spaniel named Skipper. They have a routine down pat when their Dad gets home everyday. They live in my husband's shop(very comfortably, I might add!) and they get at least two daily walks. Yesterday it was so nice that I went down and took them out.

I walked with the two older dogs because they are slow and have to stop and smell along the way. Our younger dog, Skipper, runs all over the place! He is lovely to watch, at times all four paws are in the air! We walked down to the land where S was burning brush and had a great time. The old boys get tired and they are ready to head back to their home for a cool drink and
Skipper is no where to be found. He is still running with the wind!

But by the time I got Kramer and Buddy back to the shop, there is Skipper waiting at the door!
What a fun day I had with my Boys! Dogs can be such a blessing in life. Do you have a dog?
What kind and what is their name?


Kelly said...

We don't have a dog.
But we have a very hairy son named Dawson who we love very much.

Jessica said...

Oh my.... your words gave me such comfort. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I DO love my husband, my home, my school kids, my job. I am so afraid of change, and afraid that I won't be able to be a good wife AND a good mother AND a good teacher that I live in fear. You are so right- I need to hand this issue over to God. I have been working so hard at figuring it all out in my own mind, that I have forgotten where my strength comes from- Jesus Christ. It is not easy to be young in today's world, but I am so thankful for women of faith like you! God bless you.

Lisa said...

We have three dogs. One outside dog which is a mutt we adopted from the Humane Society. Two inside dogs: Ginger is a minature long haired dachshund & Sassy is half yorkie half shitz-hu (however you spell it). They are our babies!

Lisa said...

I forgot to mention our outside mutt is named Fancy. She's the best dog I've ever had. I sing the Reba McEntire song Fancy to her all the time. People must think I'm a fool when they see me. haha

Morris Family said...

We have a toy Aussie named Freckles whom follows Marcus wherever he goes. And we have Cricket, a blue healer, who is old now and just lays around...the cows do not even excite her anymore!! LAZY Dog!! (Sometimes I wish I could just lay around!!)

jamie said...

Bogart (a black, miniature schnauzer) is such a fun part of our family--he is always entertaining. He is a good family dog--he loves the kids and always checks on them, rushes upstairs if he hears them, etc. He will eat ANYTHING, but cheese and ice cream are probably his favorite things.

chickadee said...

we just have the one schnauzer right now. but we use to have a white cocker and yours makes me miss her. we want to get another dog, a collie mix, a freebie.