Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Trunk or Treat" Night

Tonight at AWANAS at our church we had Bible character night. This is one of the children's leaders and his wife. He was "John the Baptist" complete with his sign"The King is coming"!

These boys came as "Paul and Silas" handcuffed together and with broken chains on their feet! Very clever!
This is just a little sweet ladybug......Abbi!
Logan came as a shepherd boy and his older sister was dressed as a sheep! So precious!
The parking lot was full of cars and trucks with candy and treats in their trunks. Each group came out and went car to car and people handed out treats to them. It was different and SO MUCH fun! I'm not sure who had the most fun....the kids or the adults participating!


Kelly said...

Where is a picture of you dressed up?

chickadee said...

those were great costumes! i love it when the adults get dressed up and have fun too.

jlg said...

What a neat idea! I love the Paul & Silas costumes!