Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy "Paula Days"

I had to run to W-Mart this morning to pick up some candy for our "Trunk or Treat" for AWANAS tomorrow night. It is a great idea...alot of cars with their trunks full of candy and treats for the kids. Our AWANAS are to dress up as Bible characters, so that should be fun.
I am planning a costume for myself since I help in AWANAS every Wednesday night. I may go as Pharoah's daughter who drew Moses out of the water. I think I will take a basket with a baby doll wrapped up in it. I bought 3 yds of blue material to make a costume. I don't sew so this should be interesting!

While I was in W-Mart I looked around and thought this was funny: You can go down three consecutive aisles this time of the year and buy stuff for three major holidays! (Although I do not consider Halloween a major holiday, at least not in my house). Yes, there's Halloween on this side of the aisle and Christmas on the other! I really don't like that but who cares? Not big business!

Of course, I had to get the Paula Deen holiday magazine! The beautiful pictures are enough to get me to part with a few dollars!

This cake was so nice looking. I think it would be a great Thanksgiving company cake. It is a Coffee and Cream cake. I don't like coffee at all but I bet my husband would love the flavor!
This is the main reason I bought the Holiday magazine. It is full of little gifts (of food, of course) that you can make or put together yourself and shows cute ways of packaging them! I love this Spice Tea Mix and always use to keep it made up. Nothing says Christmas to me more than the taste and smell of Spice Tea.

When I was small I took piano lessons and we always had a winter piano recital. We wore formals (do you believe that) and after the recital my teacher always had cookies and spice tea for everyone who came. Such a wonderful memory.

My Mother always made spice tea for Christmas. She made it the "old-fashion" way and tied up her spices in a gauze bag with hand-squeezed orange juice and tea. It always smelled soooo good. So beat that, Paula!!


Kelly said...

I remember mam-ma having spice tea.
I love Paula's magazine. She always has lots of good recipes and ideas. Better than Martha S!

jlg said...

I think layer cakes are so pretty. I love spiced tea (the smell even more than the taste)...Mic & I were talking about decorating for the holidays last night and how this is when the kids really enjoy it and form their own holiday memories. I dread the shopping craziness, but I love everything else about the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season (I'm with you, I don't really consider Halloween a holiday!).