Sunday, December 23, 2007

Honey, the Kids are Home!!

My daughter Kelly and my son, Chris, pose for their Christmas picture as they have for 3o odd years now!
My son-in-law, Scott, made this and we made some with him in the picture also! We didn't leave him out; I just don't have those on this card.
Here's the guys looking at Chris' new PC and discussing how my hubby needs a new one too! HAR!
Here's the birthday girl,Kelly, in my office with my computer.
This is my sister and her hubby and Kelly going down the supper line. We had KT's BBQ and baked beans, slaw, dip and chips, potatoe salad, cheese ball and crackers and birthday cake for dessert!
I forgot the candles but if I had put them on you couldn't have read the" Happy Birthday Kelly!!"
(Just a joke, Kelly)
Kelly opening her gifts and Dawson standing guard! We had alot of fun and look forward to several more days of Christmas merriment!


The Garners said...

Great family photos! I love your office--it's so neat and organized! I'd love to work in there. I can barely find our keyboard most of the time.

Hillary said...

I know you are sure glad to have your kids home! And I know Kelly is sure glad to be in Flippin! I hope you are all having a great time together. Merry Christmas!

Hillary said...

I like you new blog layout!! I'm a fan of pink!!

Anonymous said...

ahem ... it's a Mac, not a PC