Saturday, December 1, 2007

'Tis the Season........

Today I was invited to attend the annual Christmas party of one of our ladies Bible study fellowships in our church. The class made a quilt for their teacher with their names and a favorite scripture embroidered on each square. It turned out just lovely and she was, of course, overwhelmed at the love and work that went into making it.
The place where the party took place in on the river and is always a fun place to go. There are thousands of antiques of every kind on the walls and hanging from the ceiling. I think I saw my first tricycle hanging up there (a real antique now)!

You can look out the windows that surround the restaurant and you are looking out over the river. Usually you see lots of geese and today a few fishermen. In the summer and spring the river is full of boats.

I love the antler chandelier hanging above the table I ate at today. If you run out of conversation (which doesn't happen in a roomful of ladies), you can always gaze on all the antiques all over the walls. Funny thing, alot of that stuff looks vaguely familiar anymore!


The Garners said...

Wow-what a thoughtful gift! That's so nice. I've always loved this restaurant--it's really unique, and the view is so pretty.

Hillary said...

Ahhh...reminds of my Kelly and Scott's rehearsal dinner!! I really like that place!

Boy & Girl said...

oh the quilt is gorgeous. i love the idea of everyone's favorite scripture. what a precious gift.

thank you for stopping by my blog. so nice to meet you.