Wednesday, November 28, 2007

O Come All Ye Faithful

Today I spent most of the day at our church decorating for Christmas. I look forward every year to getting the church all decked out for the Christmas season. Every year we try to do something a little different than the year before but we are limited by the space to store alot of Christmas decorations and try to use our imaginations to re-do our older decorations into something new.

Today, we took the wreath in the top picture and took off the old gold ribbons and adornments and try to spruce it up with some red berries and new red bow. I think it turned out nice!
Of course, the nativity is the focus and we always use it. It is my favorite! We still have to do our garland and the main foyer table tomorrow and then we are ready for Sunday! We just want the Lord to be pleased with our work and then it really doesn't matter about everyone else!!
Do you help with your church decorations? We could always use some pointers!


jlg said...

This all looks beautiful! You have such a gift for decorating and making things so inviting!

Kelly said...

I helped with our decorating before but I couldn't this year. We put up just plain Christmas trees with white lights in the choir loft and on the side of the stage. I think it looks so pretty especially when the lights are down.
The church looks pretty - you did a good job! I bet you had help from Libby!

Hillary said...

This is the first year they are doing a "hanging of the green" and potluck (as you know you can't do anything at a Southern Baptist church without a potluck) at my church for everyone to join in on. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it but I'm sure it will be lots of fun! I think your decorations look great!!