Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow Day

First let me say that Amy over at By His Grace gave me my first blogging award. Thank you Amy so much. I am honored and humbled. Also, I am so TOTALLY computer deficient that I do not know how to put the award on my blog without my "computer boy" to help me and he is not available at the moment!

Well, we had our first big snow today. However, I flew to Florida this a.m. and missed it totally!
We come down here every year for a pastor's conference and every year it either snows when we leave or on the day we arrive home!

I am hoping to post some pictures of our trip as we go this week. It is an awesome time for us....especially if you enjoy hearing good preaching from morning to night and the BEST music ever! It is a rejuvinating time for the preacher to get preached to!! They need it too!

The church where the conference is held is downtown and takes up 9 city blocks! It holds almost 10,000 people in the santuary. I'm telling you when it is full of pastors and church staff with their families, the singing is heavenly!

So I'm sort of sorry to miss our first real snow....but the 60 degree weather here isn't too bad!!

I believe I will suffer through the weather here!!!!


The Garners said...

Have a good week! I'm sad that I missed the snow at home too! R was supposed to go to visit Mom and Dad today and stay until they came down for A's party on Sat., but that didn't work out due to weather. :( He would have had fun playing in the snow. None here--just rain.

Leigh Ann said...

60 degrees sounds so good right about now! Hope you have a wonderful time in FL!

Kelly said...

Hope you are having fun in FL!!

Amy said...

Enjoy your weekend!