Saturday, February 9, 2008

Heart Day Coming Soon to your Local Home

I've been home all day trying to play "catch up" on things I needed to do after being gone last week. I decided to change my "winter" decor of silver balls and icicles to Valentine's Day candles and paper hearts! I love Valentine's Day! I think most women do....and men just go along with it! I know I will have to change all my decor again on Feb 15th but it's fun while it lasts!!
I have this little shelf in my kitchen that I just love. I love blue and white dishes and yellow and blue also. I am thinking of redecorating it but I'm not sure what I could do different. So I am asking you, the "internets" bloggers who are interior designers, to give me some advice or hints about what they think they would do.
Here's a closer look at the shelves inside. What do you think? Any ideas or suggestions?


The Garners said...

Cute V-tine decorations! What is the white in the glass w/red candle? Very cute! I don't have any Valentine's decor except the garden flag and doormat out front. I'm signed up to take Valentine sweets for R's class next Thursday...I need to look online for some cute ideas for kids' treats. Have you come across any fun ideas?

Kelly said...

I'll be interested to hear what ideas you'll get. I don't know - I like the blue and white you have!

Caroline said...

KEEP THE BLUE DISHES!!!!!! I love blue china and can't wait to get married and register for Spode blue!!!!!! I think it looks wonderful as is!!!