Thursday, February 7, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We got home last night and it was soooo cold when we stepped off that plane! Brrrrrr! We always enjoy this conference so much because of the encouragement we receive from the church who hosts every year. I wanted to share a few more pictures of the things we saw while there.

The church has a children's theater who put on a small show for us. It was amazing the facilities there for children from pre-school to high school.
I thought these stain-glass windows were just beautiful and they were in the dining room of the church. They could sit our whole town in their dining room!

These two pictures were made the last evening we were there during our supper hour. They had buses for us to ride down to the landing to eat before the evening church service.
Every year on the last night of the conference, after the worship service, the children's choir combines with the youth choirs and they do a musical special. It is different every year. I can't imagine how many adult workers it must take to put all this together but it is always very awesome. The kids you see are dressed in white and they were also up and down every aisle of the church and were carrying beautiful crowns they they "laid at the feet of Jesus". Then they had this huge crown that floated up to the roof of the church with all the colorful "beams" coming down. The picture really doesn't do it justice. Trust me, it was so beautiful!

Of course, we were terribly sadden by the news of the terrible tornado that came through part of our town and the next town was just torn up badly. We drove over today to look and it was much worse than the newspaper pictures had shown. So many people lost their homes. Please remember to pray for has to be devastating.


chickadee said...

i wondered how things were "in person". it's always so amazing to see the devastation that can be caused by the weather. amazing and sad. so many people lost so much.

chickadee said...

we live south of little rock. i just could not believe how many places were hit. you must live right in the path of the tornado that stayed on the ground. i guess it didn't damage your property at all?

Amy said...

Thanks for the udpate and glad you made it home safe! And thanks for praying for all those devastated people. God will have mercy and see them through!