Saturday, March 1, 2008

Leap Year Day Trip

Yesterday afternoon my husband called me from his office and ask if I would like to go over and visit with our daughter and son-in-law for the evening. We had to go to the neighboring town to see someone in the hospital first and then feed the dogs, pack our toothbrushes and off we go!

Luckily for us they had no Friday night plans so we all went to dinner at one of our favorite places!
I'll show you this picture and let you guess the name of the restaurant. The food was delicious! Our waiter got Kelly's shrimp order mixed up and so we got an extra order of different flavored shrimp free! So we ate "high on the hog" (except there was no pork involved).

The new shopping center there where the restaurant is located is like a town. It looked so nice last night that we walked over to StarB's and had coffee. The weather was cooperating so well!

Here's three of my favorite people just sitting in StarB's on a Friday night! The kids said if we hadn't of come over and taken them out for the evening they would have been sitting at home in their PJ's ! That's funny, because we would have been doing the same thing at home!
We were planning to go to the AR basketball game but decided to come home because hubby had to study for Sunday's sermon.

We did have a fun night and a great way to celebrate Leap Day evening......maybe we'll do it again four years!


The Garners said...

What a fun evening!!! Rhett loves to eat "at the place with the big horse" because of the cookies that come with the bill.

Kelly said...

Thanks for taking us out! We had such a good time!!!!
I can't believe ya'll missed the game but I don't really blame you for deciding to skip!!!

Leigh Ann said...

I love doing things on the spur of the moment. Sounds like a lot of fun. Why isn't there a picture of YOU????

chickadee said...

i've seen the horse before but don't know where it is.

glad you had some fun time with your daughter. i'll be praying for her tomorrow.

Sandra said...

I'm guessing the name of the restaurant is "Horse Rider" because it looks like a horse that needs a rider.

Lisa said...

Yeah, you can do it again next leap year. Only difference is that we'll be seeing a grandchild in the next pictures!

mer said...

I love PFChangs...I'd recognize that horse anywhere! So yummy.

Glad you had fun. I love that you live close enough to spend time with your family. All of our family lives in Arkansas, and sometimes it's just too far away!

Jessica said...

Kelly said you tried a new food! That is always fun! : ) I will have to remember to do the magazine picture and make my own books someday. I'm wondering how I can tie that into teaching now... Hmmm... : )

mer said...

I finally posted my meme that you tagged me for awhile ago! Check it out when you have time!