Sunday, March 23, 2008

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

I started this blog last August when I was sending off my hubby to India and yesterday I took him to the same airport to head off to Nicaragua. He will be there a week teaching native pastors how to interpret God's Word. I have already talked to him and got an e-mail when I got home. It is much easier to have communication from Nicaragua. It was nearly impossible in India. They didn't always have electricity. ANOTHER thing we take for granted in our everyday life!

This trip he is by himself. We will go with many members of our church in September for a mission trip! I can hardly wait. Hubby said it was like 95 degrees there and he was sweating!
I have been cold all day today! What I wouldn't do for a little sweating!!! How 'bout you??
I went to church with my daughter and son-in-law this morning. They had two services and Kelly sang in the choir at both. The music program was great! I was thinking about all the wonderful services that everyone would be having celebrating the fact that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive and loves us! What a great reason for celebration! We should celebrate everyday!
Kelly has already done a play-by-play of our day and you can go to her blog and see more. I was delighted to be able to have lunch with Kelly and Scott's best friends, Steve and Laurie and their sweet little girl, Emily. Emily's new baby sister, Sarah Kate, will be arriving in June! Bet she will be a doll too! Emily loved all the candy she got! Kelly and I both made her Easter baskets.
I thank Kelly and Scott for letting me spend the Easter holiday with them. I had a great time and it helped me from feeling so lost without my sweetie. I guess this is the very first Easter we have not spent together in 37 years of marriage. I hope this week flies by!!


Kelly said...

We are glad you spent Easter with us! We enjoyed having you so much!!!!
We love you and hope the week flies by quickly!!!

Laurie said...

We sure did enjoy seeing you today and having lunch with you. Emily has really enjoyed the baskets since she got up from her nap. We had to hide the rest. It was so sweet of you to fix her a basket.

Guy & Julie said...

I hated that I didn't get to see you today! I saw Guy sitting with you and Scott :) He said you knew who he was, and I laughed and said that you probably know a lot more about him than he realizes! Aren't blogs funny things? :) I'm glad you got to spend Easter with Kelly and Scott-it sounds like you had a great time!

The Garners said...

What a fun day! I will be praying for S this week during his trip...and for you as well. Love you guys--Happy Easter evening!

Morris Family said...

I am soo glad you had a great Easter!! My sister-in-law is now in ICU as of Sunday we are still praying she will get better. Her liver surgery went really well, but she is having trouble staying awake and breathing. Thank you for all of your prayers!!

Julie said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful time. I've been thinking of you a lot and I'm wondering if your area has had some flood damage.

I hope your week does fly by and I can't wait to hear a report how the trip went.

Caroline said...

I am so glad that you got to go see your daughter. I was with my mom too!!!!! I love what your husband is doing with the pastors!!!!!!! wonderful. hey, have ya'll been to the Holy Lands?

Leigh Ann said...

I'm sorry you and Mr. Steve are apart. It is NEVER fun! I always hate it when Derek has to leave me for work trips, etc., but nothing compared to the 15 months he was gone! I love that picture of you and Kelly. You both are such beauties! So happy you had a good Easter.

Sharmin said...

I wondered where you and Steve were Saturday. Lindsay and I took the photos at Amanda & Shannon's wedding.

Mom was gone this year for Easter, too. How cool would it be to be in Rome, Italy on Easter, though. I just couldn't help but think of Paul's journeys while she's been there. She will be home tomorrow, though, I think this is the longest I've gone without seeing her. So, just how long will the Nicaragua mission trip be? (lol)

Lena said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Easter! I love spending time with family - especially my momma! I'm sure Kelly loved having you around!

Judy said...

Hi Judy! I love seeing you and Kelly together....I hope soon to have a pic Shannon and I that I will post.

Glad hubby is back safe and sound.

Have a wonderful week!