Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays....and Tuesday...and possibly Wednesday??

This is a picture of a small low-water bridge near our downtown area. We have had nothing but pouring rain since yesterday. It rained heavily all night last night and has poured all day today. The bad thing is it is suppose to rain tonight and tomorrow and the ground is already saturated.

Of all days, today we had a funeral for a 97-yr-old lady who was a longtime member of our church. I felt so sorry for her family because we couldn't go to the graveside because it is on a hillside and the land was so saturated you would bog down. So today was a sad day for many of her friends and family, but a happy day for her! She is in heaven with the Lord!


Sarah said...

You know she is living it up right now! No rainy days for this sweet lady any more! :)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your encouraging words. You remind me of my mom in a lot of ways. So I feel like I know you and Kelly personally! :) Who would have ever thought something ike blogging could bring people together like this?

You have such a kind, tender, and encouraging heart. Your encouragement is beyond appreciated!

Leigh Ann said...

I'm so ready for sunshine!

Sharmin said...

I heard about Mrs. Winnie's funeral and wondered how things went. I have some flood photos from our area on my blog. The water rose so quickly here we had to dismiss school early and 3 buses still had to turn around and find an alternate route to get kids home. We were out of school on Wednesday because of high water on most of the back roads.