Saturday, March 15, 2008

Here Comes the Bride......

We just got home tonight from being out-of-town for the week-end wedding that my hubby did for a wonderful sweet girl who grew up in our church and now lives in Little Rock.

Amy is the epitome of a young Christian woman. She grew up selfless and always befriending the friendless and loving everyone. What a precious girl she is! And now she's married a wonderful young man and we are so happy for them both!

In the midst of sadness from our news from our daughter (see Kelly'sKorner ) we have seen the hand of God this weekend. He has already reached out to move mountains to encourage her and Scott and we know it is through the prayers of so many of you. I want to thank each of you for caring enough to pray for them. God is good and He is faithful. And He has called us to be faithful to Him. We will!!

What a wonderful day it has been to see two young people join their hearts together for life in marriage and also see God move in our own children's lives as He prepares their hearts for what He has in store for them! We can hardly wait!


The Garners said...

I enjoyed the wedding pictures--it all looks so perfect! Amy looks beautiful, and she truly is such a sweet girl--I'm really really happy for them.

I'm heartbroken again for K & S, but I'm trusting that Monday's appointment will be a big blessing for them. I know that the Lord has wonderful things in store--I can't wait to see what the future brings.

Kelly said...

Amy looked very pretty!!!!! I'm so happy for her.