Friday, April 4, 2008

DOG gone, How did I forget Scooter?

Well, the mind is fading a bit, I guess! I got comments from BOTH of my children saying, "What about Scooter?"

Ah, yes, Mr. Scooter!! He was our first little Westie who turned out to be a big Westie! He was the cutest little puppy and he was a wonderful dog. He loved to lay up on the back of the recliner while you sat in the chair. He also loved ice cream as the picture above shows (good to the last lick)! He only had one flaw.......a fatal flaw....he like to chase cars. And that lead to his demise. Fortunately, we got the yard fenced before we got THE BOYS!


Leigh Ann said...

That's how I feel like eating ice cream sometimes!