Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Prelude to the Week-End........Dog Wash Day

We are getting ready for a special week-end! We are flying to S. Texas to a little engagement soiree for our son and his fiancee with her family and friends. We made reservations a month or so ago and just found out this week that our son will be on the same flight out of Dallas with us! Not planned but a fun surprise!

So the Boys are going to the kennel this week-end while we are gone. They were in a desperate need of a haircut so I arranged for them all to get groomed while they are at the kennel. But I got to looking at them and their hair was as thick as a sheep's, so I decided a little shearing was in order. AND a bath!! Sortof like when you clean before the maid comes to clean your house!(No, I have never had a cleaning lady! I R the cleaning lady!) I just couldn't send them to the kennel to be groomed and be so dirty!

My hubby built this little room for the Boys in his shop where they have a place to be washed without us having to bend over the bathtub and nearly killing our backs as we have done for years! So now we stand and wash them!
Buddy and Kramer have their own monogram towels! Isn't that the height of foolishness for dog lovers??

Two of the signs in their room! Like a Westie would bite anybody who came in ! As long as you give them a cookie, the place is yours!
So after the haircuts and baths, we go on the "BIG WALK" because it is a beautiful afternoon and we need to get some exercise! Kramer and Buddy stay with me and listen pretty well.
Not so with Skipper, the Cocker Spaniel. He runs all over the world and then comes running like a tornado when you get ready to go back home.
Now all three boys have had their little "spring fling" and are ready to go back to their space and get a treat, fresh water and a nap. Hey, sounds good to me too!


Leigh Ann said...

Those monogrammed towels for The Boys made me giggle! Too cute. Derek once had a Cocker Spaniel that ran for about 30 miles and they found him in the next town over. Those dogs can run!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a great day!!!!

The Garners said...

Oh my goodness--the Boys' room is so funny and SO cute & neat!!! I would love to have that for Bogart--he takes a bath in our tub, and it's a form of exercise trying to give him a bath! I also love the doggie border in the room and the towels--those just make it the perfect place for them! I wish we lived closer, we'd "dogsit" for you this weekend!

Faith said...

This is great! What an awesome set-up for the boys. Love the bathing area...wish I had one of those! And, the monogrammed towels are too cute!

Julie said...

I always want to bathe Lilly Belle before I take her to the vet!!! I completely understand.

She would be very envious of the dog room!!