Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bye Bye Dryer!

Saturday is my usual "change the bedsheets day". So I had just put a load of wet underwear in the dryer and started washing our sheets. After a while, I checked the dryer and it was "dead as a doornail" as my Daddy use to say!

I figured out the dryer was getting on in years. I have had a new washer since we bought the last dryer so after figuring out the cost of a repairman to drive the 20 miles over here and 20 miles back, with parts and labor, I should just go for the new dryer.

I always wondered about people who keep old washers(and in our case, a dryer) and refrigerators, and what have you, out on their porch! So now we are THEM!! Doesn't it look nice?? I told hubby I could open the lid, fill it with dirt and make a planter out of it!! har
I have actually seen people who have old commodes made into planters! Can you spell T-A-C-K-Y?????

So off we go to see our local L*wes and Home Dep*t to see what we can find. Have you priced a washer and dryer lately? We saw some that were$ 1800 for the washer and $1300 for the dryer. That's thousands of dollars for a washer and a dryer! Who buys these?

Well, of course, they were out of the model we picked out.....I bet they had a store room full of those real expensive ones! So now I have wet sheets and underwear that have been sitting for two days now!

So tomorrow I am going to try again to find a new dryer! Makes me wish I had an old-fashion clothesline out in the backyard! But then I would have deer running through the sheets! I love it....the joy of living in the country!!


Jacquie said...

I like the planter idea! Ha! I guess it's better having a dryer go out than a refrigerator - yuck!

chickadee said...

your porch is beautiful, even with a dryer on it!

The Garners said...

Good luck shopping tomorrow!

I think the planter idea is great!

MiMi said...

I know --it is amazing what new appliances cost these days. And, the bad part is that the new ones don't last near as long as the older less expensive ones did! I love your porch --even WITH the dryer on it!
Good luck in your quest!

Kelly said...

I'm not sure about sending our baby over to it's redneck grandparent's house. ha ha ha ha ha! Next you'll have a car up on blocks in the front yard.

Guy & Julie said...

Your idea of turning it into a planter cracked me up--I've seen equally crazy things... Your VBS looks like a lot of fun. Thank you for your sweet comments over on my blog--they mean a lot during a rough time.

Leigh Ann said...

I am a plain Jane when it comes to washers and dryers. I had to replace my dryer last year and I didn't get anything fancy. My thought is it washes and dries. No one really sees it. That planter idea made me laugh out loud. Somehow it doesn't go with your gorgeous porch!

Sharmin said...

I have a dryer that works great, but the washer died and Chris bought the BIG (front loading expensive) set. You had to buy both, not just one. Now there's a lonely dryer sitting in my garage with no mate.