Friday, June 20, 2008

A Little Trip North

Hubby and I decided to drive up to Branson tonight for dinner . We hadn't been to the Branson Landing in about a year so we went over to see what was going on. The place was jammed packed! The pictures here show the crowd watching a water/fire show set to music but people were arriving by the carload-full as we were leaving. They were setting up for some kind of a concert but we didn't stick around to see who it was. Steve said it was probably David Cook!
I would have stayed to see him! Anyway, it was a beautiful evening to be out!

I was looking in some shops and I called S on the phone to see where he was and of course, he was in Bass Pro. So I went down to see what had his attention and was greeted as I came in the door by this bear! They had animals all over the store.It is quite a show in itself just to see the exhibits of wildlife in that store plus a huge aquarium full of fish!
They are getting ready to open a new "floating" Shorty Sm*ll's. It looked nice and will probably be another good place to eat supper on a warm, summer Friday night!


Jacquie said...

I'm DYING for a Branson trip!! Did Steve take you for ice cream at the creamery???

mer said...

Oh my goodness...just read Kelly's blog and if I'm excited for her, I know you must be on cloud nine (or ninehundredninteynine!).

The bear pic made me laugh. A couple of weekends ago, a family moved into a new house in our neighborhood. I was driving by, craning my neck to take a peek into their garage when I caught a glimpse of a HUGE stuffed bear. My heart stopped and I screamed like it was real before I realized it wasn't. I was SO wishing I had my camera at that moment!

The Garners said...

This looks fun! Lane & I are hoping to take R to Branson before L starts school in August...we're wanting to take him to Silver Dollar City!

pinkmommy said...

We are going there this weekend. We went last year, but missed the water and fire show. Do you remember what time it starts? I know she will love it.