Monday, March 30, 2009

Concert, New Baby and Change of Season decor.....

This past week-end we went to Little Rock for two purposes.  One was to attend a Chris Tomlin concert at Alltel Arena.   He has always been one of my favorite songwriter/singers and Hubs surprised me with tickets for our 40th anniversary on March 17th.

This is not our wedding anniversary but our engagement anniversary.  We always remember that day so well because it was the first day in a century that the U of A closed down for snow and we decided to get engaged!  So we remember it with a lot of fond memories!

So the picture above was the only picture I made at the concert.........can you see Chris????
They wouldn't let you make pictures with a flash and we were pretty far back and could only really see him on the big screens!  But it was a great concert!  Of course, Hubs and I would have enjoyed just hearing him with his guitar alone!  Forget the rest of the band, background singers, light show, etc.   Just let me hear him sing!!
Our second purpose going to Little Rock was to go by the hospital and visit with Jamie's parents as they waited for this precious new grandson to arrive!  Hubs got to go back and visit with Jamie and Lane but I didn't want to because I still am congested.

Crosby is just the cutest little boy!  Go congratulate Jamie and her beautiful family here!
I wish I could say this is my lawn! (in my dreams)  This beautiful garden is just outside of the hospital where Jamie gave birth to Crosby.  They always have the most beautiful landscapes.
I bet they had a thousand PINK tulips in full bloom all over the grounds.  It was just a beautiful scene and I had to get a picture of my favorite spring flowers!
I have been wanting to spruce up my living room.  I decided to do a little "spring" make-over after seeing some really cute green print pillows at TJMaxx.  Here are my BEFORE and AFTER shots.  I just changed pillows and the rug.  I bought a neutral sisal rug from Lowe's and moved the living room rug to the dining room.  I changed the round table cloth and used a king-size sheet that matched the green in the pillows.


I'll keep this through the summer and then change things up again when fall rolls around.
What do you think?  And by the way, what is your favorite Chris Thomlin song?????


chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

i love everlasting god.
i really don't like concerts at alltel. it's so huge! huge crowds scare me. the third day concert we went to was just right. it was at the church at rock creek so it was kind of a smaller setting.

love the changes you made. i also love the tulips at the hospital. we're thinking of making a trip to garvan gardens in hot springs to see the tulips. i'm not sure if i'm up to a trip with all 4 kids yet, especially with that much walking, but they are always beautiful.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Love your before and after pictures at home. Isn't it amazing what a few changes can do? Those tulips are breathtaking!! I love spring flowers!!! Crosby is precious. Praise God for new life and a new family!
My daughter and I are going to see Chris in April. We saw him about 3 1/2 years ago and he was incredible. We got to visit with him then and we will see him this time too. He knows my close friend (and her family) that we are going with to the concert. This time I want a picture of me with Chris. Last time I was so excited to meet him, I took everybody else's picture and never got anyone to take a picture of me with Chris. I won't do that this time! Did you know that the song, "I Will Rise" was written to possibly be sung at Louie Giglio's funeral some day. He challenged Chris to write a song for that purpose. Isn't it an amazing song? Especially when the choir sings with him! It gives me goosebumps. Glad you had such a wonderful time at the concert. I can't wait!!! Chris certainly blesses us all with his singing! Love & blessings from NC!

Amy said...

I have really enjoyed your blog and had been praying for Harper from day one!

On a lighter note... can you tell me what color you painted your living room. I am looking to repaint and have been looking for the perfect 'khaki'... Thanks!

Kelly said...

It looks really good!!!! I think it brightened up the living room.
How great is our God has always been my favorite but I love his new song "I will rise"

Jess :) said...

I'm soooo with Kelly on the "I Will Rise" song. I just can't seem to get enough of it lately!! Anyways, the make-over looks fabulous and I'm so glad you got to go see Crosby. :) Well, sort of! ;)

Jess :)

Jakesmommie said...

Love the changes you made. Added a lot to the dinning room! I was afraid the king size sheet would have been to bulky for the table. Guess not!

Erin said...

Oh, I love the before and after pics, you have a beautiful home! I always get great ideas when you post pics of your home! Thanks for sharing.

Jenna said...

What a great anniversary present!! I am so glad ya'll had fun at the concert! I love Chris Tomlin!!

And what a GORGEOUS mama and babe Jamie and Crosby make! So sweet.

Speaking of gorgeous - the pics you share of your house are always just that - and I LOVE all your sprucing up you did! Looks awesome!!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

It's me again!! I loved that Kelly put the song "I Will Rise" on her blog today. What a God-thing!!! We were just talking about it! I didn't mean to sound boastful when I said my daughter and I had met Chris. It was a treat though and Chris is so nice! Have a wonderful week. Love & blessings from NC!

MiMi said...

WOW! You've been busy! Everything looks amazing! And that picture of the pink tulips is absolutely gorgeous! There's just something especially beautiful about tulips, don't you think?

My favorite Chris Tomlin song would have to be "I Will Rise". I just get "God-bumps" every time I listen to it! I also love "Jesus Messiah". Such an awesome songwriter! He's actually going to be in concert near me this Thursday with Israel Houghton and I would love to go, but we have other plans! I am sure that was an awesome concert and what a special way to celebrate that anniversary!

Jacquie said...

So glad you got to go (almost) see Jamie AND Chris Tomlin. Wish you just felt a little better.

Tulips are my favorite flower!! Those are gorgeous.

You are so good when you put your Martha Stewart hat on!!!

"Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)"...

On the Eastern Journey said...

Hubs wanted to start celebrating our engagement as well, but then we realized we just missed it - March 5th! Oh well.

It's so neat that you got to see Jamie. She's my BFF from OBU. We studied in Salzburg together. Frankly, Schäfer would have been naked his first year of life if she had not sent some hand-me-downs. ha!

Your home is SO beautiful. I love all your spring touches!

Anonymous said...

cant say i know who that is ha i dont know his music sorry rhonda

Susie from Bienvenue said...

What an awesome present! I think that is so sweet that yall remember that special day..Awwww~
Your den looks wonderful and ready for spring! It is so neat how just changing a few things around can transform a room. I saw that you visited my sister,hehe. It's just a big ole family cause I adore Kelly too. My mom lives in Lead Hill and she told me thats not too far from yall. Next time Im up there I would love to attend church with yall and just maybe get my Mom to come with me,smile~ Take care~

In His Army said...

I'm so glad you got to stop by the hospital to see Crosby! I took the kids pictures in front of all those beautiful tulips! I had really planned to go to the chris tomlin concert but march jsut got so busy. I bet it was wonderful.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I just had to stop by and just tell you how cute your lil Miss Harper is today! I think her picture today has got to be one of our favorites. What a cutie she is~

kate said...

looks AWESOME! Makes me want to work on the weymouth! love to you!

Heather said...

I love the new decorating goodies....and those tulips are GORGEOUS!!!! I would have loved to go to the Chris Tomlin concert...but like you, I love him "unplugged" so to speak. I love "My chains are gone" and so many others! That was a neat way to celebrate your special day!

Ashley said...

Thank you SOOO much for your sweet comment on my blog! I have been so excited to share this connection with your family. When I told my grandparents, they were so happy to hear that people still remember and were blessed by their ministry. As their grandaughter, it touched me so much to hear that story of you and your husband. I hope you keep reading my blog! :o) xoxo!

Cassie said...

THank you for your encouragement that you left on my blog! It is always so nice to glean advice from women who have been through what I'm going through! It makes me feel like I'm not alone in this thing called motherhood! Thanks so much!

valerie said...

When my daughter was going to Oklahoma State in Stillwater, OK she got us tickets to see Chris Tomlin at a church there. The tickets weren't very much at all and we got the cd "Arriving." The concert was very good.
I love all his songs but I think "How Great Is Our God" will always be my favorite.

Love the decorating changes you've made.

Cary Hairbows said...

I love your spring makeover. You have great taste!

Chris Tomlin can sing for me anytime. My favorite is How Great is Our God from his Arriving album. I tend to put it on repeat in my car and listen to it over and over....well, until my girls scream, "MOMMMMM!!!!" from their carseats. Ha!

I feel very moved by Chris Tomlin's music. He is my very favorite contemporary Christian musician. I am so glad you got to see him live. We never get any Christian muscians up her in PA--unless you count Creation Northeast which is in my state.

I hope you have a great week!


oliviasmommy07 said...

Found my way over from Kelly's blog. Been following hers since the month before Harper was born! What a miracle baby she is!! I know you are proud of her and her mommy and daddy!!
LOVE the changes you made in your house. Just those small things brightened it up so much!
LOVE LOVE LOVE Chris Tomlin!! He is my favorite! We are actually do a special to his song "Sing, Sing, Sing" on Easter Sunday. I love "I Will Rise" In fact, that whole CD is just amazing!!
The tulip pictures are so beautiful. I live in LR and was just wondering where I could take my 2 year old for pictures since the cold weather ruined the big flower patch already. Do you mind sharing what hospital that was at? Or you could just let me know if it was in LIttle Rock or North Little Rock and I could figure the rest out on my own :)

The Garners said...

(I'm behind on blog reading!)
Thank you all SO much for coming to the hospital to see us (I'm so sorry you were sick though!) Thank you for the kids' goodies and for taking the time to come by--it meant so much to us! It was such a special day. The tulips out front were gorgeous, weren't they!?

Lynn said...

Actually, it's a tie between, "How can I keep from singing" and "Everlasting God". Love them both. I hear the second one all the time on KSBJ (Houston Christian station) and then one day I heard the other one and loved it--had to purchase the album for my Ipod! How sweet of your hubby to take you to the concert! =)

Really like the changes you made in your home--it's nice to change things around. Like the before & after photos, really brightens up the room. =)

What a beautiful baby Crosby is! The tulips outside the hospital are beautiful-thank you for sharing! I love Spring, love seeing all the pretty flowers blooming.

Have a blessed week!