Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday dear Cathey!!

Today is the birthday of  one of  my oldest( she's not that old, I'm speaking of the years we have been friends) and dearest friends, Cathey.  We have been good friends beginning in about the  second grade and all the way through high school. Her parents were like second parents to me.  We were roommates in college and have kept in touch all through the years.  My husband always laughs when we talk on the phone 'cause he knows I'll be on the phone for a spell.  We just take up where we left off....whether it be a month or 6 months!

Cathey has a wonderful husband, Bo, whom she met in college.  I was her roommate when they started dating and I was in their wedding.  They have three gorgeous children and their spouses and look at all the beautiful grandchildren they've been blessed with! 

Cathey, I have been the benefactor of your sweet friendship all these years and I feel greatly blessed.  You've been family to me and I love you and all your family!

Hope you are having a GREAT BIRTHDAY and we will celebrate many more to come!
I love you!  ( Your birthday card is in the mail!! )


Jacquie said...

What a sweet friendship! Just so happens, my BFF's birthday is tomorrow!

valerie said...

I have a friend like that. We became best friends in 5th grade and went all through school together. We attended different colleges, but we were always close and remain close. We were in each others weddings.
We don't talk all that often, but like you and Cathey, when we do....we take right off where we left off.
Her parents were also like my second parents.
I have wonderful memories.
Friendship is such a blessing!
Thanks for sharing.

Lauren Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Cathey!!! It's great to have those long lifetime friends in our life :)

Kelley said...

What a wonderful friendship! That is a very dear and precious thing these days. Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog. Have a wonderful Easter with your family!

Jenna said...

SO sweet! Happy Birthday to your Cathey!

Such a pretty picture of you two!

Erin said...

It is so wonderful to have friends like that! Love the pictures! Happy Birthday to Cathey!

MiMi said...

What a beautiful family! It is so special to have a friend like that through the years. I have a friend that I met in high school and we are still close. My husband also knows that we will be on the phone for a "spell" whenever we talk! lol

Love the picture of the two of you!

Happy Birthday, Cathey!