Saturday, April 25, 2009

Harper Meets the Relatives

Yesterday was a long-awaited day!  The day that Harper gets to finally meet her Aunt Carrie and Uncle Chris from Texas!  They both came to Tulsa when she was in the NICU but, of course, she was in a drug-induced coma and no touching was allowed!  Not so this time!

Harper is VERY attached to her mama, naturally.  The minute she hears her mama's voice, she starts cooing.  I think she looks very amazed in this picture. Maybe she was thinking, "Who is the guy in the beard?  I've never seen a beard before."   Neither had we.....on Uncle Chris!!
Harper gave Chris the "now-who-are-you?"look.
Harper thought Aunt Carrie was very pretty!
She showed them how she could sit up in her little bumbo chair and look like a big girl!
I think Harper wanted to get a feel of Uncle Chris' beard or maybe pull some of it out!
Dawson just took it all in!
Harper loves when her Daddy comes home!
      Harper says, "Yes, I do love my Aunt Carrie and Uncle Chris."


The Garners said...

How fun for them to get to meet! A fun weekend, I'm sure!

(I'm glad you labeled Chris though...I'm not sure I would have recognized him with the beard!?)

Kelley said...

What a fun day! Your pictures are just priceless. I love the captions with them. Harper is just a doll. I love her expressions. I didn't have a bumbo with Mary-Kate. If I am ever blessed to have a 2nd baby, I have to get one of those!

Mab said...

I loved all the pics!!!

I also enjoy reading your blog!

Arlene (Baton Rouge, LA)

Love Being a Nonny said...

Love all the pictures of family!!!
From one Nonny to another!!!

MiMi said...

This must have been a very exciting time for Aunt Carrie and Uncle Chris! I love all of your pictures and the captions that go with them!

Harper is getting so big and just more beautiful every day! I especially love her smile in that last picture!

Glad ya'll had such a great time and thanks for sharing it with all of us!

panamamama said...

Chris looks nice with a beard! Great pictures!

Faith said...

What a fun time you guys had! I love all the pics, especially the ones of Harper checking out her uncle Chris. So funny!

Laurie said...

I LOVE your pictures! I made your salsa Friday. It is all gone! I like Chris with a beard.

Gram said...

Loved all the pics, Harper is such a cutie. Don't you just love having a grandchild? Made the salsa Saturday when the kids came over. Everyone loved it.

Erin said...

Love this!

Jenna said...

the smile in that last pictures says it all!! hope ya'll had a fun weekend - LOVED seeing all the pictures!

Jacquie said...

Is it just me, or is Harper cuter and cuter and cuter?

I couldn't believe it when I saw Chris with a beard.

Sara Campbell said...

I am so very happy Harper is healthy. I count it a privelege to pray for her during that time. I know you are enjoying being a grandma!

Lauren Kelly said...

GREAT pictures!!! What a fun time :)

Robin said...

what a precious family.. hope Kelly is getting some rest.. be sure to check Caroline's blog about going to hear Beth Moore in Memphis in Oct.
Can't wait to see you and family again. love you guys, Robin Hughes