Friday, July 3, 2009

A Fine Fourth Holiday

Because Steve hadn't seen Harper in several weeks and is leaving on a youth mission trip to Alabama on Sunday, we were FORCED to go over and visit her (and Scott and Kelly) for a few hours today! ( A great way to spend a pre-holiday)

Scott and Kelly had hung the new picture over the guest bed and I thought it was so sweet! That will bring sweet dreams!
One of the reasons we did go over today is to help Kelly with Harper in case she started crying while Kelly was being interviewed for Channel 5 News from Ft. Smith/Fayetteville. Harper took a nap through most of it so we got to watch! It was very interesting how much work it takes to set up the lighting and film so many segments for just a short interview. I think it will be on the air on the 21st of July.
The camera man acted like he knew what he was doing. They said he was the best camera man and they pulled him from another story to come film Kelly and her story about blogging.
Then they ask if Harper could be awakened so they could film her. She cooperated very nicely.

I think a little star has been born....she likes crowds!
Her Granddad got in the required hugs and kisses while he could!
After the news crew left we went to lunch. Harper was just "talking" and I finally got a close up shot of her two little teeth!
If they make you wait for lunch, try chewing on your feet!!
I just wanted to feed her a little applesauce to remember what it felt like years and years ago.
It was a wonderful memory brought back to life in a split second! How I love her and watching all the "new" things in her life unfold!

What a great day!
Happy Fourth of July to you all and may God bless America!


Nancy said...

yay to traveling to Alabama, although it is hot and humid here in the central areas :)
We found you via Kelly's blog while she was pregnant with Harper, and live in Prattville Alabama - just north of Montgomery on interstate 65.
What part of Alabama will you be seeing?!

Melissa Stover said...

what a sweetie! that news story is sure exciting! i can't imagine having a camera in my home. oh the things they'd see and hear.

Mandi said...

Harper's picture over the guest bed IS adorable!

It sounds like you had an eventful visit. :)

Lauren said...

I always enjoy reading your posts. You seem like such a sweet mother (and Grandmother)! :) I love the pix of Harper's teeth! My little guy, Henry, is 6 months and tries to eat EVERYTHING...but no teeth YET! :) Enjoy your 4th!

The Garners said...

Wow--what a day! The news story--so exciting! I laughed about Harper chewing on her foot while waiting for the food! :)

Jacquie said...

I can't think of a better way to spend a (pre) holiday!!

Erin said...

These pics are precious. You are so pretty your skin just glows! What is your secret? Harper is getting soooo big!

MiMi said...

That picture over the guest bed should DEFINITELY bring sweet dreams! So adorable!

I love the picture of Harper's 2 little teeth, too, and I know what you mean about watching all the "new" things unfold! Grandchildren are such a blessing!

Sounds like the perfect 4th to me!

Beverly said...

Love this post, Judy. Grandmother visits with these first born granddaughters are always special - no matter the reason.

I traveled to NC this week to make a wedding gown for my first born granddaughter who plans to be married next Jan. After shopping most of the day Friday in Raleigh, and having only a "make do" pattern and significant despair at not finding the "right" fabric to show for our efforts; we ended up at a bridal shoppe where she found and bought (at a price Kelly would approve) THE dress. What a thrill it was as a grandmother to watch the smile that would not leave her face the whole time she modeled the dress and then to hear her pray the most precious prayer of thanksgiving for God's guidance! It is something I will treasure eternally. The pressure is off for me about making the dress and she is greatly relieved to have this task checked off her "to do" list. I still get to make her veil. She wants delicate beading all around the edge of the veil so that will be FUN - FUN - FUN to do!

And, yes, my friend, it seems only yesterday we were holding this precious girl in our arms like you and Steve are doing sweet Harper. The years pass too quickly - but oh the joy and blessings of the Lord that fill those years!