Monday, October 26, 2009

The Hills are Alive with .......COLOR!

I believe this week-end the trees peaked with everything in full color! The trees are just beautiful. I wish they could stay this way through the Thanksgiving holidays.Unfortunately, by then, most of the leaves will be brown and lying in my front yard!
Sunday morning our precious AWANA Cubbies sang and did hand motions to "He Knows My Name"! They were precious and the little boy in the plaid shirt gave a full bow as everyone in the congregation clapped!
Yesterday afternoon I help host a bridal shower for this beautiful girl who is marrying a young man who grew up in our church! They are getting married Thanksgiving week-end! She will be a beautiful bride! And the groom ain't too bad either! Hi Kale!!


Kelley said...

The fall leaves look gorgeous this year! I bet it was fun having a bridal shower for Kayla.

Jenna said...

Oh those trees are GORGEOUS. Love it! Congrats to the cute bride!!

Jacquie said...

I recognize that parking lot... I'll have to drive by and look at the trees. I LOVE fall colors.

Besides the shower, the Puggles/Cubbies were the highlite of my day. :)

"Thank You" is just not enough to express how much yesterday meant to our family. It was beautiful!

Kubin's said...

I love the trees! God's creation is wonderful! We don't have it that pretty down here in Texas.

Nina said...

The trees are gorgeous. I noticed how beautiful they are in CT. this past weekend too.

By the way, your chances are looking better on the giveaway because only five people have entered thus far. :) Crazy!

Becky said...

Judy.....I know what you mean about the leaves. They are sooooo beautiful when they are changing. Unfortunately, they all end up in our yard.....ugh!!!

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. I know Dave and Jacquie are getting excited about the wedding!

Melissa Stover said...

oh i want to go for a drive!! i love driving arkansas' scenic highways in fall.

The Browns said...

Oh, I miss the beautiful trees in Arkansas! I miss going to my nannie & papa's house up near Mountain View & seeing all of the gorgeous mountains.
However, I don't miss my dad waking me up early on the weekends to rake leaves growing up, haha!

<3 Bon

KK said...

The trees are absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.
Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. I'm sure they had a wonderful shower full of many blessings.
Pray you have a wonderfully blessed week,
Matthew 21:22

Lauren Kelly said...

Those leaves are absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! Might need to swing by and take a peek :)

Linda said...

Hi Judy,...this is funny,...but I just posted a poem which says the hills are alive with the sound of music! Tee hee

I just came back from a vacation in Branson, Missouri. I wanted to go there to see the trees. I love the beauty of God's creation,...especially the trees in the Fall! I wrote the poem as I sat on the terrace looking at the trees and the lake. (The post before that one I posted a lot of my pictures from the trip).

Your pictures are so pretty. And I loved the beautiful soon-to-be- bride. She looks so happy. Isn't love wonderful?!!!

We have Awana at our church too. It is such a wonderful program for kids. The little boy that bowed is adorable. I love it when kids do those cute things. They just make my heart smile.

I smile when I look at Kelly and Harper. I just love Kelly's blog,...and her huge heart,...she is beautiful inside and out. You did a good job raising your daughter for God!

Happy Autumn!

God's continued blessings,
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Heather said...

Every time Connor and I pass a pretty tree like that we say "Look what God did with that tree!!!" Gorgeous!!

Pigtails & Pearls said...

Thos trees are beautiful! Wish I had color like that in my yard!