Friday, November 20, 2009

We Love Dogs!

Over at Kelly's Korner today everyone is showing their pets. Although I didn't link to her list I did want to show our pets. Let me make this plain......we do not care for cats!! We are strictly DOG people.
All my life as I grew up we had dogs. Some of my best memories are of my childhood dogs.

The above picture is of our first Cocker Spaniel, Buster. We got him when Chris was in kindergarten and he lived till Chris was a Senior in high school. He was a wonderful pet and we loved him dearly.
Our first Westie, Scooter.
This is the cocker that we have now. His name is Skipper and he was a "throw-away" dog someone left on the road. We took him and he is such a sweet dog! I think he realizes he has a good home because he is so loyal!

Our two Westies, Kramer and Buddy, are nearly 14 years old. They have been the light of our lives for many years. Now they prefer to sleep alot like old people!!
Of course, you know Dawson, our first granddog. He gets to stay with us some and we enjoy him and I think he enjoys being in the country!
And now, our new granddog, Coco, is about to make her arrival from Dallas this Thanksgiving!
We will be bonding with her and introducing her to our doggie family!

This should be fun.....stay tuned!


Kaylan said...

too cute! I love the dog pics!

Lauren Kelly said...

Okay, Judy...Steve's comment cracked me up!!!! I guess you only remember the one's you want to, haha!!! :)

Loved the pics!!!!!! :) I'm with you, our family is strictly dog lovers!

Kelly said...

I think we all purposely forgot Eddie. Sorry Dad. :-)

Heather said...

You know I LOVE westies!!!! :) And AMEN to the comment about NO CATS ALLOWED! ha! Have a great weekend!

Kelley said...

Love the pictures! My family is strictly a dog family too!

John & Michelle said...

I found you through Kelly and now have you on my sidebar! I enjoy everything you write and check in with you every morning!
from TN, Michelle

Susie from Bienvenue said...

How sweet! WE just added a new Little one to our family. She is so tiny~

In His Army said...

Loved catching up and seeing all your pictures of Harper while her mom and dad were on the trip. Like your dog pictures too...makes me so anxious to get our new puppy! I can't wait to get my hands on her! I posted her picture on a recent post. She's a boxer and Jaiden has already named her. :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Nina said...

How cute they ALL are. You have quite the family. :) Growing up we never had dogs. I only had the goldfish I won at the county fairs. Ha! I totally love dogs and have had quite a few since being on my own.

Jacquie said...

I'm a cat person, myself, but I loved this post!!

kim_brough said...

Awww, you should love all God's creatures, including cats. Er, at least tolerate them.

I feel the same way toward dogs. I tolerate 'em but I sure as heck don't want one!

Kandi West said...

I'm obviously in holiday mode and very emotional b/c I just cried when I saw the picture of little Chrissy and Buster! I remember how upset Kelly was when Buster passed away. And then I laughed when I read the comments b/c I, too, was wondering "Did you forget about Eddie?" I remember coming home with Kelly one time and Eddie jumping all over me constantly. Ha.