Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shooting Dogs

Early this morning we took our dogs to the annual doggy vaccination day held at our community's fire station.    We got there really early and didn't have to wait too long.

Our two dogs were well-behaved.   Some dogs were having a fit because other dogs were there!

The man in front of us had three dogs, two were Pugs.  We have a grand-dog that is a Pug.....Coco!

By the time we got finished there was getting to be a large crowd coming with their dogs.
Glad we went early!

It's been a beautiful, cool day today.  Perfect for Hubs to fire up the tractor and do some bush-hogging!

He also cut some low hanging limbs from some of our trees.  Now you can see the house better!

Of course, Hubs had help with the yard work!  Bobber works for kibbles!

What did I do while Hubs was busy at work in the yard?  First, I went to the church and helped re-do some old ferns that we had needed to change for a year or so.  We also put up some new arrangements for our Mother's Day service tomorrow.

Then I came home and started wrapping gifts for graduation which is this coming Friday night.  I need
to give them to some of the seniors tomorrow at church.

What do you usually get your high school graduates?  


Melissa said...

I just asked for help with graduation gifts on my last blog post. Got several responses, so you might want to visit and read their ideas. I think I'm going to go with some engraved keychains that I found online at Things Remembered for the boys. For the girls, I'm going to do a monogrammed backsack type thing. I am a teacher, and I have several to buy for, so I have to keep it rather inexpensive. The keychains are on sale for $9.99; the backsacks are going to be around $12-$13 each. If you would like to email me, I'll give you more info on where I found the backsacks.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

When my girls graduated, they loved getting money or gift cards. That way they could buy exactly what they wanted. That is what I give now, because it is easier and I know that the recipient will be happy to purchase what they like. Plus, a larger item can be purchased by combining money. A very happy Mother's Day to you!!! Love & blessings from NC!

Real Simple said...

My suggestion as a mom of a 2010 cards/money....even if it is 10.00 from target or iTunes. it is great. We have so many to buy for that 10.00 sounds great on giftcards and a "prayer" written to them in the card. Molly is appreciative with anything she gets. But she loves to open cards and see the "money"....i know that sounds awful but she has things she needs to buy for college and saving for a car, and gas money! picture frames, journals, books, get buried and forgotten. they are appreciated "do not get me wrong" But she got a book yesterday and she already has it. Max Lucado - Every day deserves a chance. but she could not return it cuz the sweet family wrote in it. another thing to think about...write a note and put in the book, so if they have it they can return it.
Okay sorry i went on...but you were wondering.
I miss my mom sooo much...Kelly is blessed to have you around. Cherish every moment.
But my mom worshipped with Jesus on Mom's day! yours too!!!
have a blessed day from a florida reader.

Michelle said...

I graduated from high school 12 years ago, but my favorite gift was an umbrella. When I opened that umbrella up, money was tied to the metal pieces. It was practical, fun, and so creative. In fact, I still use the umbrella which was made in my college colors. I now give that to graduates I know!

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