Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's A Small World

I find blogging a lot of fun for many reasons.  First of all, it is like writing a personal journal, only you add pictures!

Second, you meet the nicest people and I find most of their lives very interesting.  I have some "bloggy" friends who I share many similar interests.  Some friends are totally opposites and I love that too!

But sometimes, there is a connection that is somewhat like a"Seven links to Kevin Bacon" principle.

This happen to me last week.

I got a comment on my blog from a sweet lady Teresa from Louisiana.  She told me her husband was in Glorieta the same time I was there.   I wondered to myself why he was there and she wasn't. She didn't say anything about him being with another church.

We drove to our sites in Santa Fe everyday on a huge bus.  Our bus driver's name was Jack and I talk to him each day as I got on the bus and found out he was Shreveport, Louisiana.  So after I received Teresa's comment, I put two and two together (I'm smart like that...LOL) and decided Jack must belong
to Teresa.

I couldn't wait to see him the next day and sure enough he had talked to Teresa and confirmed we were bloggy friends.  In fact, Teresa had followed my daughter Kelly's blog for many months and that's the way she found me!

So here is me and Mr. Jack on our way home from Santa Fe last Friday!

I have written about our newest pet we have added to our family in the past few months.
My hubby kids me all the time because this lab LOVES me and is like my shadow.
If I am with him he will not leave my side.

But I do have proof that he missed Hubs too!

I think he thinks pretty highly of his Daddy too!!

Yesterday I got a nice surprise!

I have this wonderful friend. She is from Boston originally, raised Jewish, now Christian and is 
just one the most delightful ladies I know!   She is so beautiful, elegant and I love her accent!
My favorite thing is to be in the choir loft on Sunday mornings and look out into the congregation and see the expression on her face as she sings!  It's a "sermon of joy" to watch her!

She and I usually exchange little birthday and Christmas gifts.  Just small things.
I was in New Mexico this year so my birthday gift was delivered yesterday!
But my friend outdid herself this year!

Trust me, these taste EVEN BETTER than they look!   What an awesome gift!!


Lauren said...

It truly is a small world. Reading about your trip to Glorieta was like reading about my own trip there when I was in high school. The camp, the worship center, dining hall, going downtown. CRAZY! I love when God puts people in our lives like that! It was so nice to go down memory lane!

Jess :) said...

A small world that only God could bring together!! So incredible!

I have to say...Shari's Berries are AMAZING!! I mean, I wouldn't let anyone else near those!! That is one fabulous b-day present!! ;)

P.S. Do you think Lauren and I could also get in on your list of hopeful single men that you're sending to sweet Caroline and Miss JennaBabe?!?! ;) :) Please?!?!

Jess :) said...

I meant to add...Lauren Kelly!! :)

Laurie said...

It is a small. That is just the coolest about your bus driver! Those strawberries look so good!

Nina said...

Oh my goodness, those look divine!!!!! My mouth is watering. :)

Cherit said...

I love the picture of your newest family member. What a sweet dog! Enjoy those strawberries! They look delicious!

Sisters said...

I love the bus/blog friend story. That makes me smile....and so do those sweets from your sweet friend. I love the "sermon of joy"..I must use that one!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

What a small world it really is. Really small that Jack would be YOUR driver. Oh, I love the strawberries. My sister sent me some for Mother's Day several years ago. YUM

Jacquie said...

That is just crazy about Teresa and Jack!!! How funny!!

Bobber is SOME lap dog. I thought Izzy was a big lap dog, but Bobber? Wow!

Our berries were divine... and I see you actually took a picture before eating that chocolate chip covered one! ha!

Kelley said...

What a small world! God is into details. That is truly an amazing story. Your dog is so cute! What a neat friend you have that would send you chocolates. That is a terrific present.

Lauren Kelly said...

Seriously, the blog world makes the world smaller and smaller every day. So neat!! :)

Love Being a Nonny said...

It IS a small world! I read Teresa's blog!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Jack was quite impressed that he made a blog...The littles usually edge him out on mine...He was so happy to meet you...and he really is one of the nicest guys ever...

Beverly Wooley said...

You had your birthday while you were in New Mexico? What day is it? Mine was Monday (12th). Should have known you were another July girl! I turned 65 this year and wrote a fun post about it. God blessed me all week the week before my birthday as I meditated on what He was giving me to write. I'm going to have to write another one about my "party" ... it was such a riot my sides hurt from laughing. My family is a wild and crazy bunch! Happy Birthday, Judy!

grandma sandy said...

Here’s another “small world thing” for you. My in-laws lived in Fair Oaks, CA for a while before illness forced them into early retirement and they moved to be near my husband and me here in TN. They were personal friends with the creator and original owner of Shari’s Berries! Just after they moved here, she sent them some of her white chocolate covered grapes and I have never in my life tasted something so delicious!

grandma sandy said...

I meant to leave a link to my mil’s blog:

She is an amazing woman

Shinny Upatree said...

I'm excited you put your detective skills into action and connected your bus driver Jack to your blogger friend Teresa. I don't think Teresa has ever met a stranger and now that she's blogging her friend network has vastly expanded. I love Mr. Jack -- love Teresa (my tree decorating boss lady). So glad you had the chance to hug such a sweet man.

Kay said...

It is a small world. I began reading Kelly's blog during the time in the hospital after Harper's birth and I began praying for her. One day I noticed that Kelly was related to Carrie Kuehn. I am Chris Kuehn's college roommate and I grew up in Corpus. I now live in Houston.