Sunday, July 11, 2010

MFuge 2010

We got home around midnight last night from our  MFuge Youth Mission trip to Glorieta, New Mexico.

We drove through a huge rainstorm in Oklahoma and spent our first night in Amarillo, Texas.

I loved the Texas landscape with windmills for as many miles as you could see.

No youth trip is worth it's salt if you don't stop for a little nourishment at MacD's!

The landscape changed dramatically when we entered New Mexico!

Glorieta is just one of the most beautiful spots in New Mexico.  Our campus was thousands of acres surrounded by a national forest.

This is where we met for our Bible studies, group meetings and worship!

This is probably the second most important building......the dining hall!  They can feed approximately 1500 people in 30 minutes.  It was amazing!   And the food was very good!

The two pictures above are of the Prayer Garden.  Pictures do not do it justice.  It was absolutely the most beautiful place I've ever seen!  Sister and I decided it would be a perfect place for a beautiful wedding!!

We also enjoyed the beautiful flowers that were all over campus!

These are some of the fabulous kids who went with us.  They were just the best!

Everyday we went to Santa Fe and worked in Boys and Girls' Clubs, nursing homes, apartment complexes and some did painting, clean up and yard work.

I went to the Boy and Girls' Club for the first three days.

Hubby worked and played with the kids for hours too!

He even went down the big slide with the kids................backwards!  They loved it!

Some of the girls came to my site one day and worked.  Here they are having a lunch break!

We took our own food and made sandwiches outside for everyone who was working!  Did I mention the temperature was in the low 70's during the day.....with NO humidity?

One evening we had "MEGA RELAYS"!!  This was our group and we won first place against all the other teams!!

Everyone of the track leaders dressed up in some outrageous costume.  He was filthy!

These guys had buckets of water poured over them and that white stuff you seen in the's flour!!

Two of our winners!!

On the last day my group went to a park in the middle of downtown Santa Fe to play music, feed the hungry and just mingle with the people on the street.

It was a beautiful park with colorful baskets of flowers everywhere!

There were also some "colorful" characters there too!

I met this lovely 80 year-old man and we had the nicest visit.  He worked on the Fred Rogers show, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, many years ago.  He thought what we were doing at the park was so nice and he kept telling me we should be thanked by the city. He apparently knew the mayor!

I told him we didn't need any thanks because we were doing what we did because we loved the Lord and that's all we needed!  He was a delightful man!

So now we are back home and we are already dreaming about next year's trip!


Heather O'Dell said...

Love your post about MFUGE! It is near and dear to my heart, as I met my husband at fuge and we worked camp together for 3 summers before having children! SO fun!

Anonymous said...


Kathy said...

Love this post Judy. The pictures of the area are awesome and the kids are all so cute! Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

Melissa's Thoughts said...

Thank you for sharing your trip with us. It look amazing and that prayer garden is .... wow. Oh, my son's trap shooting coach was Mr. Rodger's daughter. Ha.

Lauren Kelly said...

What a fabulous trip!! I want to come next year, haha!! :)

colleen said...

Wow sounds like ya'll had a great trip!! Im glad you stayed the night in Amarillo!! its near (60 miles) and dear to my heart! love your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Love Glorieta! It is where I went to Centerfuge as a teenager. Spending a week without humidity is pure bliss!

anm_2006 said...

Oh how fun!! I have a friend working @ Glorieta! How neat! Looks like you had a wonderful week!
Happy late birthday!!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hi Mrs. Judy!

Both of my older brothers live in New Mexico. It is a beautiful state to visit but not sure if I could live there for too long. This girl needs her seafood..ha!

Blake Moss is the son of our very good friends. We were in the same Sunday School class for years and she now works at my husbands office. We are not related just friends. Did he go to MFUGE with ya'll?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures. I am a reader of Kelly's blog and follow her on Twitter. I was so excited to hear you went to Glorieta. My grandfather was a Southern Baptist Minister (originally from Pine Bluff and Grandmother went to OBU) that worked for Glorieta for many many years. I have many wonderful memories of Glorieta, it was a second home to me growing up. My parents and both of my aunts were married in the prayer gardens. I am so happy you enjoyed Glorieta and have great memories from there. Thank you for sharing!
China L
New Mexico

His Doorkeeper said...

China, Thanks for your comment! I think that is so lovely about your parents being married in the prayer garden!! I just KNEW someone had the same thoughts as we did!!

Sisters said...

I loved the photos. My parents used to go to Glorietta when I was little and I would get shipped off to the grandparents! They always speak so highly of it. I loved Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I am so glad you got to meet that sweet man.

The Garners said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Polly said...

Beautiful pictures, looks like everyone had a great. All of you did a wonderful thing. Glad you are back safe

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Haha! I remember many stops at Mickey D's while on trips with the youth's an absolute must! It looks like it was a great trip where lots of fun was had.

Dee said...

Our youth went to MFuge in Mobile in June. It was the most amazing experience of my life, definitely a defining moment. Kairos :)

Dee said...

Our youth went to MFuge in Mobile in June. It was the most amazing experience of my life, definitely a defining moment. Kairos :)