Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday Night on the River

We had a delightful night on the river tonight.  Hubs' oldest cousin Mike and his wife Sharon from North West Arkansas were camped out at our local state park on the river this week for some R and R. They came and visited us at church this past Sunday.

They ask us to come up for a cook out and have a relaxing evening by the river.  It was downright cool by the time we left!

We even walked the dogs!

Thanks, Mike and Sharon, for the delightful dinner and the visit was just what we needed!!

It is wonderful to have kinfolks that you enjoy being around so much!

P.S.( Oops.....Senior Moment.....Yesterday SEEMED like Friday to me all day....and last night seem like a Friday-night-out....sorry!)


Grecia said...

Nonny, you're so excited that you get to keep Harper this weekend that I think you're rushing your days! Today is Thursday! HA HA!

Grecia said...

Nonny, you must be so excited about keeping Harper this weekend that you are rushing your days! It's Thursday! HA HA!

Jennifer said...

Looks fun! But it is Thursday night :-) Sounds like something I would have said by mistake too!

Lauren said...

Aw, what a sweet time!!!! :)

Laurie said...

That looks fun. They are such a sweet couple!

Nina said...

What a nice time. :) Hope you are well. I've been incognito for awhile, while I was finishing my Tenure packet. :)